Anybody had fillers or Botox in their mid thirties?

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LivingMyBestLife2020 Thu 15-Apr-21 18:53:10

I’ve got a consultation at a clinic tomorrow to see if Botox and fillers would work for me.

I have bad crows feet when I smile and between my eyebrows is quite wrinkled now.

I’ve lost weight recently and now have lines and a bit of sagging around my mouth. I just feel I’m starting to look much older than my age, 37.

So any experiences? Did it help your confidence? Did you feel it was worth the money? Any regrets?

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elscar Thu 15-Apr-21 19:43:18

Had it done nearly 4 years ago and loved it! Crows feet around eyes and one in forehead where I have a frown line

Best thing I ever done! Made me look so much more fresh faced and you could see my eyes more when I smiled. I got it done for a wedding and wish I could afford to get it regularly!

A reputable aesthetician will guide with the right amount

BilboBercow Thu 15-Apr-21 19:45:23

I get botox and lip fillers around once every 12 months. Started at 35 and I'm now 40. Best thing I've done

WerkWerkWerkWerkWerk Thu 15-Apr-21 19:52:57

Yep, best thing I ever did!! 37 too; I've always looked young, but I am a terrible frowner, can't help myself. Initially I had filler and Botox on a 'dynamic' line between my eyebrows. Then it softened to such an extent I only needed Botox, every 9 months or so. Also, tiniest bit of filler in my top lip to reduce the disparity between nose and mouth (until then I'd been desperate for a nose job, but my nose wasn't actually big, my mouth was just a bit lopsided with lots of volume bottom lip, but nothing bon top). Additional bonus was the work sorted a wonky eye out, and massively reduced my headaches. My mum had filler around her mouth, inspired by me! Whoops. Although, equally pleased.
Advice is, choose an aesthetic surgeon, and benchmark prices. Cheap is cheap for a reason. My Dr was basically an artist and knew exactly what to do to avoid unintended consequences elsewhere on my face. So also be open-minded, as you may get suggestions you hadn't considered.
Downside...looked great in real life, but looking back at photos my face looked a bit 'haughty', I was smiling but my forehead/eyes werent following if that makes sense!
Can't wait for my next session; I'm looking a bit rumpled post Covid!

needmetime Thu 15-Apr-21 19:52:56

I'm not in my 30s so I hope you're ok with my input. I started aged 40 (40th gift from my mum) I've been getting Botox since then and just recently got some cheek filler (age42 now). I've always looked younger than my age but that stopped around age 40 so spurred me to action. I would not be without Botox now - just look fresher & happier. My hubby who who is anti everything is happy for me to get my little boost every 6 months. He doesn't know about my recent filler though because it's so subtle... but I like that. Go for it 😉

LivingMyBestLife2020 Thu 15-Apr-21 20:34:57

Thank you all!

I’ve spoken to a couple of friends. One was all for it whilst the other said it was a waste of money.

I’m definitely going to consider it. We will see what they say tomorrow

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