Has anyone bought from Chanel at Selfridges Manchester Exchange?

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MrsCalypsoGrant Thu 15-Apr-21 11:25:38

I'm threatening to buy a 2.55 Reissue <grabs credit card & smelling salts>

My nearest stockist is Manchester Selfridges Exchange Square. Has anyone bought there recently? (lockdown notwithstanding) What was your experience?

If anyone has opinions on the 2.55 itself I'd be glad to hear them too smile

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Thischarmlessgirl Thu 15-Apr-21 16:10:21

I have a 2.55, bought in Chanel on Bond Street a few years ago. I’ve wanted one since I was 18 and I love it. The Chanel store experience was great, no rush, super friendly and a glass of champagne whilst they were beautifully wrapping my bag. I winced when they put my card through but it’s gone up another £1200 since then so glad I bought it then.
Enjoy the experience and your lovely new bag 😊

MrsCalypsoGrant Thu 15-Apr-21 17:07:11

@Thischarmlessgirl Thank you for your reply smile

I had intended to buy one in Bond St a year ago, then Covid happened argh! I will be in London in the summer but might be in Manchester before that. I've wanted one for ages & it's clear the prices only go one way so I've decided to go for it sooner rather than later smile

Is your bag wearing well? I love the history of them & the stories attached to the design. I have bought scarves from Chanel before & it's always been a delightful experience.

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Thischarmlessgirl Thu 15-Apr-21 17:32:59

Yes it’s wearing really well, it’s caviar leather not the lamb skin. I love the lamb skin but it was so so soft and the adviser in the boutique said I would have to be very careful with it not to get scratched so I didn’t risk it.
I’m going to treat myself to a wallet on a chain in the summer when I’m in London. I’d love another 2.55 as I have two daughters who could inherit one each one say but it’s not worth my marriage grin
Which colour are you going for? Mine is black with silver hardware.
Super exciting for you

brushlaptop Thu 15-Apr-21 17:37:42

Go for the caviar for durability. How exciting it's a great bag you'll love it! 😍

Inneedofanewwardrobe Thu 15-Apr-21 17:40:22

Wow jealous!!!

MrsCalypsoGrant Thu 15-Apr-21 22:14:08

@Thischarmlessgirl I'm laughing at you potentially putting your marriage on the line for a second 2.55 surely it's worth it for a rare seasonal colour winkgrin

I wanted the aged calfskin, I like the look of it. I've been told that because it already looks vintage the scratching is less obvious, but I'll perhaps have to take more advice on that.

I want it in black with ruthenium. I know Chanel is traditionally goldtone but I'm not really a gold person, & I always think of it in monochrome colours as the only photos of Chanel with hers are black & white.

Thank you for sharing in my excitement!

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MrsCalypsoGrant Thu 15-Apr-21 22:15:23

@brushlaptop I'm going to have to look at the caviar now that you & @Thischarmlessgirl have said it's the best!

Thank you for sharing in my joy too smile

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MrsCalypsoGrant Thu 15-Apr-21 22:16:37

@Inneedofanewwardrobe If it helps I've been wanting this & saving for it for a while & once I've bought it I'll be back to surviving on pasta & beans like an undergraduate grin

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Twilightstarbright Thu 15-Apr-21 22:21:30

I've got the same one as @Thischarmlessgirl as it brings me so much joy. I got mine from Selfridges in London and it was a lovely experience. This was six years ago and I've never regretted it, it's one of my most treasured items.

MrsCalypsoGrant Thu 15-Apr-21 22:35:07

@Twilightstarbright That's interesting, Chanel told me they only now stock their bags at Bond St, Sloane Square & Manchester Selfridges Exchange. Apparently Selfridges London don't have them anymore.

I suspect I'm going to feel exactly the same as you. I have a couple of other items (Mikimoto pearls & a Rolex) that I saved for over a period of time, they bring me such joy & I think this will be the same smile

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MrsCalypsoGrant Thu 15-Apr-21 22:36:00

To those of you who have one, do you use it all the time or just for special occasions?

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PlatinumBrunette Thu 15-Apr-21 22:38:35

Ahh, I love the Reissue 🥰 The aged calfskin wears really well indeed and it’s an incredibly practical bag. I can’t recall ever seeing a caviar reissue (but it’s been many years since I inhabited Chanel!). Worth calling ahead to see if they have it in stock first - the size you want and the hardware. Because you don’t want to have to wait for it and miss the whole experience.

MrsCalypsoGrant Thu 15-Apr-21 22:43:53

@PlatinumBrunette I wasn't sure that the 2.55 came in caviar & wondered if there was some confusion between the 2.55 & the classic - though I'm not completely sure myself on all the details of what is available in what leathers...

I called Selfridges before the first lockdown & they said exactly as you have - to ring them beforehand to make sure they have what I'm after in stock & not risk a wasted trip. They said that Chanel restrict stock so it's not guaranteed that they will have everything I want to see available. I've been trying to ring all this week but they are not answering - I suspect they are very busy now they're reopened. Selfridges switchboard actually raised it to management today as no-one can get through to Chanel there & they are checking if the phone line is working!

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namechanged984630 Thu 15-Apr-21 22:46:27

I didn't want to break the stay local so I asked for photos and for then to courier it to me and they were AMAZING!!

MrsCalypsoGrant Thu 15-Apr-21 22:48:45

@namechanged984630 Goodness me - where did you get it couriered from? How exciting!

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Thischarmlessgirl Thu 15-Apr-21 23:01:19

I use mine mainly for special-ish occasions or if I just want to match it with an outfit. Day to day I use a crossbody Gucci Disco or my LV Neverfulls as more casual and practical with young children. I bought mine in 2015, it was for a birthday but I also had a small inheritance from my lovely Nan (Nell) which I put towards it which has always made my “Nelly” feel more special to me. I have a couple of items which I really love and the other is my cartier watch and love bracelet. I’m not at all extravagant day to day but I do enjoy these.
The courier service sounds fabulous!

thiswaythat Thu 15-Apr-21 23:03:35

I have (just counted) 9 beautiful Chanels grin
Bit of an addict. But don't actually have a 2.55 yet, maybe that should be my lucky number 10. Ha!
I usually go for lambskin because although the caviar is hard wearing it just doesn't feel as luxurious. I have a caviar camera bag in red which is super cute though.
I bought one from selfridges in London a few years ago, interesting that they say they don't sell them there anymore - I wonder why?

thiswaythat Thu 15-Apr-21 23:04:19

Oh and to answer your Q yes every day is a Chanel day, no point keeping it locked away for special occasions grin

PlatinumBrunette Thu 15-Apr-21 23:09:24

@MrsCalypsoGrant The Classic is the one with the CCs on and the Reissue is the other one 😂 I’m wracking my brains to try and remember if the reissue ever came in caviar and I cannot ‘see’ it. I’d just recommend avoiding lambskin. Do you know which size you want?

Inneedofanewwardrobe Thu 15-Apr-21 23:17:27

Good for you. I'm a mulberry girl at the mo but would love a Chanel one day. Maybe for my 40th bday! Wish this thread had pics.

namechanged984630 Thu 15-Apr-21 23:30:22

Manchester chanel in selfridges to my house. They were honestly so great, they got on WhatsApp to show me all angles, took payment on the phone, couriered it at their risk.

MrsCalypsoGrant Fri 16-Apr-21 00:13:51

@Thischarmlessgirl Ah that's a lovely connection to your Nan ☺️ I'm exactly the same, not extravagant day to day, I have some items which cost significant money, but they have all been a good spend in terms of the joy I get from them

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MrsCalypsoGrant Fri 16-Apr-21 00:18:16

@thiswaythat I'm quite OCD about numbers & the thought of a non-decimal 9 is making me itchy so I feel you should buy another Chanel to get to a round 10 winkgrin

I don't know why they've restricted sales of bags so much, they don't sell them online & there are literally 3 places to buy them officially in England now (none in Scotland, Wales or NI as far as I know)

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MrsCalypsoGrant Fri 16-Apr-21 00:22:15

@PlatinumBrunette I definitely want the 2.55 Reissue not the Classic. I basically want the less overtly branded one that looks the closest to the one Chanel first designed & used herself. I do actually have a small vintage (24 years old) single flap with gold hardware & interlocked CC which I didn't pay a huge amount for (in relative terms) but it's the double flap with the mademoiselle clasp that I'm after. The one I have is more of an evening bag, I want an every day bag.

I've had a tough time recently & silly as it may sound this purchase marks the start of my new life.

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