Which Trinny items do you rate?

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Radioheadbanz Thu 15-Apr-21 10:18:00

I am in the market for some new makeup as I am looking a bit of a frump.

I like a very light foundation or tinted moisturiser. I use blusher and lipstick/ lip gloss. I don't really use eye shadow, although wouldn't mind a slither of something. I wear eye makeup as in liner and mascara.

I am thinking of buying some Trinny items. Which do you rate?

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Coniferhedge Thu 15-Apr-21 16:32:41

I like the BFF cream. Not a fan of the BFF de-stress or BFF eye, don’t know why, just wasn’t keen on them. Didn’t seem to do much for my skin. I’m very pale and love Just A Touch in Bambi. I have problems finding foundation pale enough for me, but Bambi is the perfect shade. Also love Flush Blush in Wiggs - again, pale enough for me, not too bright so I look like I’ve got sunburn! Also love the highlighter in Starlight. Can’t see much difference with Miracle Blur and I’m. It keen on the lip colours as they come in pots and I’m not a fan of putting it on with my finger. Nothing wrong with the product, that’s just my personal taste.

MindBodyChocolate Thu 15-Apr-21 17:22:37

BFF cream and eye are very nice. I have the serum but only use it when I need more coverage so very infrequently over the last year. I also love the eyeshadows. I think they have a great finish. I’ve got far too big a collection of them!

I’m not keen on the lip to cheeks - very drying. I also don’t like the lip glosses and lipsticks - they don’t last and like PP don’t like applying with fingers.

Ghostlyglow Thu 15-Apr-21 20:47:47

The BFF is brilliant, one of the best products I've used. I did the match2me and was a little dubious about the lip2cheek and eye2eye shades it picked for me but I put my trust in it and bought a couple anyway and they are spot on.

Purplecatshopaholic Thu 15-Apr-21 21:18:25

Agree the BFF is great, worth the investment. I also like the serum but don’t need it for every day. The eye colours are lovely, but agree with others the lip formulas are quite drying so I don’t use them.

Radioheadbanz Fri 16-Apr-21 07:05:50

Thx everyone. I will be making some purchases later.

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Nitpickpicnic Fri 16-Apr-21 13:11:34

I bought across quite a few categories in TL last year. I can recommend their online colour matching service- both the diy and the ‘video appointment’. Even when I was dubious about their choices it turned out they were right.

The products I’ve stuck with include the bronzer cream (shade Gaia- as per recommendation. Scary in the jar, but fab on the face. Only bronzer that blends very easily, and has no shine/glitter). Also the cream blusher - such a great range of natural colours, again I prefer no glitter.

I might invest in some more deeply pigmented TL eye shades, they look a bit dramatic, but the I’m now convinced the cream-base is idiot-proof enough for my quick routine.

Fluffbutt Fri 16-Apr-21 13:47:47

The BFF cream, BFF Eye, and Just a Touch are my staples. I like Cheekbones for a bit of subtle contouring but it’s a bit messy to apply with fingers. Eye2Eye shadows are brilliant.

Radioheadbanz Sat 17-Apr-21 08:06:12

I have ordered the BFF cream, contour cheeks, and a bronzer. If I like them I will go back for more.


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