Hair heat protection

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DelphiniumBlue Wed 14-Apr-21 16:37:43

I've used Paul Mitchell Heat Seal for years but it's now discontinued.
Has anyone got any recommendations for a spray that protects against heat ( hairdryer and straighteners) and helps with humidity frizz and is not sticky or dull-looking?
I only ever use this hair product - have never found another one that works on all 3 counts. But I haven't looked for a few years, and am hoping a product has been developed in that time that work!
Any recommendations?

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LadyTiredWinterBottom2 Wed 14-Apr-21 17:20:37

I use a Lee Stafford serum that's really nice. I haven't had much luck with sprays though.

DelphiniumBlue Wed 14-Apr-21 19:22:06

Thanks, LadyTiredWinterBottom2 . Do you just comb it through before drying?

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TableNiner Wed 14-Apr-21 20:24:41

I use a Lee Stafford straightening spray for straightening. Used it for years.

TheTestOfTime Thu 15-Apr-21 14:17:09

I really liked Heat Seal too. The closest that I’ve found is the L’Oréal Elnett Styling Spray - the “Straight” one rather than the volume one.

DelphiniumBlue Thu 15-Apr-21 19:57:08

TheTestOfTime, thanks for that. Strangely, the only other hair product I've liked has been Elnett hairspray.
I'm seeing TableNiner is also recommending the Lee Stafford spray.

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Mummacake Thu 15-Apr-21 20:00:45

Wow dreamcoat is fab but £££ and Revlon unique one I've found really good on my bleached locks.

BeeyatchPlease Thu 15-Apr-21 20:15:06

I use Kerastase Elixir Ultime Rose Hair Oil, I couldn't be without it. It's not the cheapest but it lasts for ages. It smells amazing, hair is so shiny, not at all greasy and I never get split ends. I swear by it, just run it through my hair before drying and sometimes put a tiny bit on styled hair to tame the flyaways.

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