It’s that time of year-hit me with your favourite factor 50 facial sunblock.

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OhWhatFuckeryIsThisNow Tue 13-Apr-21 15:59:47

I’ve used Biore watery essence for the last few years, love it, but blimey the price has shot up. I liked it because it felt slightly powdery, no cast and non greasy or smelly. What should I get to replace it? Not too expensive, something I can wear as a primer.

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RuthW Tue 13-Apr-21 16:04:07

Avon. Have used it for about 30 years. Everyday all year.

Dozer Tue 13-Apr-21 16:05:00


AnExcellentWalker Tue 13-Apr-21 16:19:36

@RuthW - link please? I've looked on the Avon website but can only find a factor 25? I use the Biore watery essence & it has indeed gone up in price.

GoddessKali Tue 13-Apr-21 16:20:28

Just posted this on another thread!

OwBist Tue 13-Apr-21 16:24:14

Ultrasun, anti-pigmentation, anti-aging as I have age spots. If you don't need this, they have other options in spf50 including tinted, cream, lotion etc.. it's once a day and can be used as a primer, but you need to not use too much - if you do, it can look a bit shiny, pill and have a cast. I over-do it at my hair line, as this is where most of my damage is, but it's definitely "me", not the product at fault.

RuthW Tue 13-Apr-21 16:38:07

I'll do a link later but it's this one.

Rexy Tue 13-Apr-21 20:00:40

I use Eucerine spf 50 you can't go wrong with French pharmacy sun care as they are for sensitive skin and not expensive IMO

slooowdaysinlockdown Tue 13-Apr-21 20:32:40

Eucerin I like the mattifying one (squarish bottle) Slightly powdery feel. But there's a newer oil free one (cylindrical bottle) I don't think it makes me look pale but I do have fair skin. It doesn't sweat off, best one I have ever used. Not cheap though. I hope they never discontinue it!

QueenPaw Tue 13-Apr-21 20:34:57

I really like the fenty one

Justbetweenus Tue 13-Apr-21 23:06:26

Ultrasun SPF 50+ Anti-Aging is good - not greasy, no white cast, and sits well under makeup.

CimCardashian Wed 14-Apr-21 00:16:07

The last watery essence I bought was completely different than previous,and it left me very white!

I did quite a bit of research and one that Sali Hughes recommended was by Thank You Farmer which is a Korean make. I have to say it’s a good alternative to the Biore. Not that cheap though but you don’t need that much.

dopenguinsdance Wed 14-Apr-21 00:31:17

La Roche Antihelios spf 50. Tinted, moisturising and replaces a foundation for me most of the time. My mum's used it for years, and her skin's still fabulous at 70. Just remember to top up your vitamin d.

Soulstirring Wed 14-Apr-21 00:41:02

I just bought a body shop skin defence with spf 50 and it feels lovely. Absorbs well, not white! £18 but then got 20% off

Veronika13 Wed 14-Apr-21 00:43:55

Paulas choice. Factor 30 or 50. I live in a hot climate and believe me I've tried most of them 😅 paulas choice has some Sandy undertone that doesn't go white on your face.

Citrix Vic C is a close second.

Mygardenisnotperfect Wed 14-Apr-21 00:45:18

Not quite what you’re looking for and not cheap but Chanel CC cream has SPF50 and has done wonders for my chloasma/melasma pigmentation. A little does go a long way and it protects reasonably well even when I swim as long as I replace it when I get it of the water.

openupmyeagereyes Wed 14-Apr-21 05:29:22

As a rule of thumb you should be using approximately half a teaspoon of SPF on your face for it to be fully effective, more for your neck too, so you should use one that is affordable for you to do this daily.

readingismycardio Wed 14-Apr-21 05:33:16

Paula's choice here too! I need to mention that "the time of the year" should be every day, all year round!

Mincepiesallyearround Wed 14-Apr-21 06:14:16

I’ve bought this one for a long time, it’s very soft and goes on smoothly, I use it like a primer under foundation FREZYDERM Sun Screen Velvet Face...

Mincepiesallyearround Wed 14-Apr-21 06:16:02

Oops that’s the link to the factor 30, here’s the link to the factor 50

OhWhatFuckeryIsThisNow Wed 14-Apr-21 06:25:10


Paula's choice here too! I need to mention that "the time of the year" should be every day, all year round!

I do generally, but when you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark it seems a little pointless.

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margaritasbythesea Wed 14-Apr-21 06:29:50

Wow! The Freezyderm has gone up by eight pounds since I last bought it about a month ago! I would also recommend it though.

CryptoFascist Wed 14-Apr-21 06:35:57

Uriage 50+

I've just bought this and it's amazing. Can wear instead of makeup with a little powder on top. Feels like a good moisturiser with no dryness or greasiness. No pore blockage either so far, which is often a problem for me.

luggageandbags Wed 14-Apr-21 09:38:23

PPs recommending Paula's Choice, which one do you use?
I made a mistake once with choosing their SPF (I think it was a mineral one), it was soo chalky. Ended up using it on my shoulders on the beach, expensive mistake.

DandelionSprout Wed 14-Apr-21 10:14:15

Frezyderm and Paula’s Choice are both cruelty free. Most of the other brands mentioned here are tested on animals. I use the PC Resist Anti Ageing Skin Restoring moisturiser.

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