Am I cool? Or neutral

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Polkadotpjs Sun 11-Apr-21 11:07:54

I've tried the eyes/ white paper thing and not sure. I'm trying to drag my 45 year old face back to life. It's sagging and meh. I thought my tone is a good place to start as I need new clothes too.

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JMAngel1 Sun 11-Apr-21 19:35:48

oh god, I don't know because I would have said warm

Polkadotpjs Sun 11-Apr-21 19:42:07

Ooh now you've got me. Maybe I am. What makes you say that? I may be on totally the wrong track. All I know is that gold looks wrong in jewellery on me

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JaneJeffer Sun 11-Apr-21 19:44:09

What colour are the veins in your wrist ?

slooowdaysinlockdown Sun 11-Apr-21 19:48:04

Have you got make up on in that picture?

slooowdaysinlockdown Sun 11-Apr-21 19:54:20

Do you generally look better in white or Ivory/cream?

FreekStar Sun 11-Apr-21 19:56:07

It's really hard to tell from a picture- especially without seeing your eye colour which for me is the biggest clue! Is that your natural hair colour? What colour are your eyes?

ScarlettDarling Sun 11-Apr-21 19:56:19

What’s the eyes/ white paper thing? Sorry op, I know nothing about these things but would like to learn!

Polkadotpjs Sun 11-Apr-21 20:06:54

Thanks all. It's interesting stuff. Blue/ grey eyes. Natural red head but more strawberry blonde than carrots or auburn. Currently badly semi dyed brownish red by my own crap hands.
Not sure about white or cream. Rarely wear either
The white paper thing was to check true eye colour and I think they say hold something silver or gold. I read it somewhere. Can't think where.
I've got BB cream on I think. And lipstick. I'll look for another non made up pic. Veins I'm not sure. I'll try and take a pic

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Mummaofboys93 Sun 11-Apr-21 20:10:06

I would say you're more warm/neutral.. Definitely not cool in that pic.

FreekStar Sun 11-Apr-21 20:13:46

I would say you lean cool- grey eyes are predominantly cool- you lookalike you have a pink undertone.

I also have grey eyes and think I am quite neutral- but I do have a lot of gold/yellow in the centre of my eye and my skin has a slight yellow overtone but blue undertone.

EmmaStone Sun 11-Apr-21 20:13:55

I've had my colours done and would have sworn blind I would be autumnal shading (brown hair with a chestnutty red hint, green eyes, freckles), but no, I'm a cool jewel winter. What sealed it for me was holding white and cream against me - I'd always choose a white T shirt naturally. Also brown vs navy - always a navy for me. And I loved emerald green colours against my skin and would always get compliments.

WeekendCEO Sun 11-Apr-21 20:17:56

This thread has made me laugh.... I bet you’re so much clearer now aren’t you OP....🤣🤣🤣

I’ve never been able to work out what I am either. 😬🤣

Polkadotpjs Sun 11-Apr-21 20:18:29

I'm definitely not cool in the old school sense. My title sounds weird now I read it back. I'm definitely a middle aged jowly person. But keen to look fabulous. French ideally. Weird purple veins with maybe blue further down?

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FreekStar Sun 11-Apr-21 20:21:47

Purple/blue veins indicate cool undertone.

Polkadotpjs Sun 11-Apr-21 20:23:28

I'm slightly Trump today too with very bad fake tan. Bloody Skinny tan has changed I'll wager. But that's another thread ...
I think taupe / rose or dusky pinks suit be but a magenta pink no way. I might have to buy some definitely cool or warm nail colours to try. That might help. I'm definitely a navy and green wearer but look better in blue I think. Who bloody knows ...grin

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FreekStar Sun 11-Apr-21 20:25:13

Yep- everything is pointing to cool OP! smile

EmmaStone Sun 11-Apr-21 20:25:52

Why not look at the colour wheels for the various seasons and then pick the one that speaks to you the loudest. Then start buying in those colours - if nothing else, your wardrobe will all co-ordinate, which is half the battle!

FromageRay Sun 11-Apr-21 20:28:22

I think your tones are similar to mine and I am an autumn/warm. We do have different eye colour though so I might be barking up the wrong tree.
Navy tends to suit most people I think so not really an indication. Cool people tend to suit pastels don't they? I look half dead in pastels!

Neversaygoodbye Sun 11-Apr-21 20:34:45

I'm cool toned and definitely not pastels. I'm a cool summer, very pale skin, blue to purple veins, suit silver, green/blue eyes and dark blonde (although to me it looks mousey brown) hair. I suit muted colours, think Monet water lilies, so navy, burgundy, wine are my favourite colours and suit me best.

FreekStar Sun 11-Apr-21 20:41:13

Whether you suit pastels or not is not really related to whether you are cool or warm. That's more about depth of colour and pastels can be both warm and cool toned.

The OP has died hair which is misleading because she has it a warm brown colour- but if you look at her skin in the first pic it has very little warmth. In addition to grey/blue eyes she'd definitely cool.

FreekStar Sun 11-Apr-21 20:41:41


Caesargeezer Sun 11-Apr-21 20:42:10

I’m Spring and look terrible in white, light grey and pastels. The best way to find out is to hold up clothes to your face in natural light and you’ll see which make you look brighter or more grey. If you suit dusky pinks you’re likely Summer. It depends which tone of colour you look good in. Re. blue, if it’s more green/blue you’re on the Spring/Autumn side but cornflower blue is Summer. Orangey red is Spring whereas bluey reds are Winter. Any clearer?!..

SweetAsANutt Sun 11-Apr-21 20:45:48

You have cool toned skin. Make up that is blue based works best for cool toned skin.
Cooler toned skins shouldn't use yellow based lip, eye or cheek products.

Monkeytapper Sun 11-Apr-21 20:46:32

Go on the Trinny London website and do the Match2me. It also has pictures of lots of models with difference hair/eye/skin tones and see who you are closest to to find out what gone your are.

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