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TableNiner Fri 09-Apr-21 09:52:19

Just wondering what people think of this brand, particularly if you are in your forties. I really want to like their clothes as they are a British company, good quality, and I like to wear Autumn colours. I have a top from there but sometimes find the styles a little frumpy.

For example, and because there's been talk about jersey biker jackets, is this nice?

I like the way everything is not just black, white and grey.

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LilyRose88 Fri 09-Apr-21 11:41:03

I like some of their jersey tops, especially the wrap tops, but I'm not keen on the biker jacket that you linked to. I prefer biker jackets in more traditional colours and materials. I do have a grey linen biker-style jacket that I bought in East years ago that I think (hope) looks nice with summer dresses, but I'm not convinced that jersey is best material for a biker jacket.

Boood Fri 09-Apr-21 13:19:50

I’m 45 and find them a bit frumpy, I’m afraid. The idea of the seasonal colours is good, but the result is too flight attendant/breakfast tv presenter.

EssexLioness Fri 09-Apr-21 13:41:06

I’m 43, love the idea of matching your colours but breakfast tv presenter is a spot on description. I have bought a couple of tops from them and the fabric was excellent quality but haven’t bought anything for a few years as find them a bit frumpy

Teaandscone Fri 09-Apr-21 13:41:35

I have two cardigans from them in merino wool and am very pleased with the quality. I particularly like the colours; e.g. crimson is definitely crimson, not tomato red!

Defiantly41 Fri 09-Apr-21 13:47:50

The colours are great, especially if you want something specific.

Quality is excellent, wash and wear well, don't get that 'crumpled T-shirt' look after a few washes.

Styles I would say more classic than frumpy, would depend on how you style them - as a shorty, the fact they do 3/4 sleeves is a godsend rather than having inches of sleeve drooping out of the end of my jacket sleeve!

NotMeNoNo Fri 09-Apr-21 14:00:02

They have so many different styles, frumpy or not is how you wear them. Obviously their styling is a bit paintbox but in reality people don't wear one brand top to toe. There are plenty of basics in hard to find colours including neutrals.

Soothes Fri 09-Apr-21 14:00:38

I have a couple of things from them and I do find them very good quality, in a way you don't get even with expensive more fashionable brands, but you do need to choose very carefully, some of the styles are very frumpy.

I do the colours thing in that I have a palette and never wear black but I think a full Kettlewell outfit would be too much.

TheBullfinch Fri 09-Apr-21 14:35:03

Very frumpy. Thin material. A lot of stretchy fabrics which cling. A bit too 'jaunty' for me. I think they need to get some new, younger designers in.

They're usually sold out of everything I want that's not blue.

Having said that though, they do have Great colours.

crumbsnamechange Fri 09-Apr-21 14:42:33

I'm in my 30s and God, I wish the High Street was more colourful like Kettlewell, but avoiding the frumpiness! I can't do this pastel trend at all.

I've been a fan of Oasis clothes for years as tend to find these suit my season best (Spring), but am struggling lately.

goose1964 Fri 09-Apr-21 18:18:19

Unlike a previous posters I like it, they do it in aqua which is in my summer palette, but I look like walking boobs in a biker jacket.

TookHerForADrinkOnTuesday Fri 09-Apr-21 18:51:10

I’m mid forties and after having my colours done a few years ago I really wanted to like Kettlewell.

Haven’t had much success, unfortunately.

I’ve got a couple of wrap tops that are OK, and the quality is very good I must say - wash well, don’t fade or lose shape etc. But there is just a bit too much of a waterfall cardi/pashmina vibe about most of the look that isn’t quite me.

Arrivederla Fri 09-Apr-21 20:20:46

I've bought quite a few things from them, and I think you have to be prepared to try a few different styles and send stuff back if it's not your thing. For example I really like the short tie wrap cardigans but hate the cascades with their fussy styles. They are very good with returns and refunds.

RedHotChiliChips Fri 09-Apr-21 21:03:44

I discovered Kettlewell last year and have now ordered quite many tops from them. Some designs are frumpy but there are lots of very good classics that go with many other garments. I'm not too keen on their trousers, skirts and knitwear but I love the basic, thick jersey tops and the fact there's many with either scoop, v-neck or square neckline. Particularly square neckline is very flattering on me and it's hard to come by anywhere else. I also like the faux-wrap tops, have four of them now blush

@TableNiner I recently ordered the Chloe biker jacket in silver and loved it so much that I've now ordered another one in navy. It is expensive but it's made of quality, very thick jersey and the cut is very flattering. It's not really meant to be worn as an outer jacket I guess, more like a mid-layer like a cardigan would be. It's very versatile though, I can imagine wearing it many different outfits.

Piccalino3 Fri 09-Apr-21 22:19:36

I really like Kettlewell and I have 2 Chloe jackets. I think their clothing is generally good quality, their customer service is excellent and I love their range of colours, however they are not a trendy brand. It's all what you choose and how you style it. I tend to think of them as good basics and you may have to be prepared to try things and send them back. As for the Chloe jacket, I wear it more as a cardigan layer than an actual jacket and I love it for that purpose.

MoltonSilver Fri 09-Apr-21 23:22:55

I've ordered a few things from them. I can't quite put my finger on why but I find I never wear them. The colours are great but the styles just don't seem to work for me. They age me.

nickEcave Sat 10-Apr-21 00:29:48

I've ordered quite a few things from them over the years and the customer service is very good. The knitwear in particular is very good quality. They do basics well but I wouldn't dress head to toe in their clothes.

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