Absolute Collagen

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DeathWinsAGolfish Fri 09-Apr-21 07:48:11

I've just been looking at the AC reviews and I'm really interested, do any of you take this?

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MapleMay11 Fri 09-Apr-21 09:12:52

I took it for a several months but stopped after seeing no results whatsoever. It was back when they only had one flavour and it was vile. There are hundreds of positive reviews though so it seems as though it must work for some people.

DeathWinsAGolfish Fri 09-Apr-21 10:31:49

Thank you.

It's the positive reviews that drew me in, more so than the photos as lighting and camera angle have a huge impact.

They have two new flavours now, so maybe feedback about the lemon wasn't great.

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