Boots Curl Creme discontinued [sad]

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Franksalot Sat 13-Mar-21 21:36:02

It looks like Boots Curl Creme is being discontinued, as the website does not list it anymore and says it’s “either removed or no longer for sale”. I’ve used this for as long as I can remember, and although I’ve tried so many other products when it was temporarily unavailable over the years, I can’t find anything as good. I sort of follow the curly girl method, so don’t want silicones (I know the curl creme had an drying alcohol).

I’ve got 4 pots left, that I’m going to now save for special occasions! But can anyone recommend a curl creme that is similar to the Boots one, otherwise I might have to start straightening my hair! My curls are type 3B coily frizzy.

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bookishtartlet Sat 13-Mar-21 22:11:39

I really like the Cantu curl creme, comes in a long bottle. The trick is to use a 20p sized bit on soaking wet hair, or if for refresh mix with a bit of water in your hands.

Franksalot Sat 13-Mar-21 22:28:39

I’ve tried the Cantu cream and also the custard, but found that they didn’t really work on my hair. Maybe I’ll have to give it another try. The best product that I’ve found is the Giovanni leave in conditioner, but I’m not sure if it’s good to be putting on conditioner every day, and it still isn’t as good as the Boots curl creme.

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doctorhamster Sat 13-Mar-21 22:31:29

I switched from the boots curl creme to eco gel a few years back. I use the olive oil one.

Fkrkrodps Sat 13-Mar-21 22:34:37

I’ve heard it’s not discontinued. It seems to vanish for a bit every so often and then return.

Franksalot Sat 13-Mar-21 22:46:01

@doctorhamster do you use this eco gel on its own? I normally use a curl creme and then put a gel on top. I like Umberto Giannini curling jelly.

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doctorhamster Sat 13-Mar-21 22:52:24

@Franksalot no I use cantu custard first and then eco gel on top.

CeeceeBloomingdale Sat 13-Mar-21 22:54:51

This seems to happen every couple of years them it returns. Creightons do an ok one in a tube, its often in home bargains and savers etc or OGX

Franksalot Sat 13-Mar-21 22:55:04

I’ve tried the cantu custard and made my hair look very stringy.

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ElderMillennial Sun 14-Mar-21 07:25:55

I was going to say the eco one too.

I also like the TIGI curls rock curl amplifier curl creme.

DonLewis Sun 14-Mar-21 07:30:10

Have you tried cheap gel in a pot? Applied to wet hair, it scrunched out very similarly to the boots curl creme. Has lots of hold too, but no weight. I find some curl products to be very heavy or greasy too. The other option is Trepadoras papya slip. Not as cheap as the curl creme though. Again, similar hold and not too weighty.

Franksalot Sun 14-Mar-21 11:04:58

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll order the eco gel, Tigi rocks and maybe the Trepadora Papaya Slip, although it’s so expensive.

My problem might also be in my application, and the Boots curl creme worked so well for me when others don’t. I don’t like having product build up on my scalp as I have a sensitive scalp. I wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week, but rinse my hair every day in the shower and apply product to damp hair and air dry. This has worked for me for the last 10 years or so, but maybe I need to now rethink my routine.

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goose1964 Sun 14-Mar-21 14:23:51

I use Superdrug black castor oil one. Never tried the boots one.

LittlestBoho Sun 14-Mar-21 14:43:09

Boots Curl Creme didn't work for me at all, it made my hair all greasy and stringy. The other product I tried that had the exact same effect on my hair was this Shea Moisture curl enhancing soufflé so maybe that will work for you? It has basically the same consistency as the Boots curl cream; a bit gritty and gel like, perhaps a little runnier.

Curly hair is so individual and what works great for one person (Cantu is my jam) is sticky gloop to another.

MazekeenSmith Sun 14-Mar-21 14:44:52

I’m sure I read this exact thread on here a few years ago so maybe it was just a supply issue then and it will come back

BringitbackBeth Sat 20-Mar-21 23:48:28

Sign this petition to let Boots know they need to bring back Curl Creme:

Life is too short to make curly people waste their time with ineffective and expensive curl perfecting products.

Boots are trying to make us go back to the dark times where we would spend time and money on every new curl product hoping to find the perfect curl but only finding hairline spots, Soul Glo style and beautifully branded rubbish.

Bring back Boots Curl Creme! It works and we love it.

theaccidentaleconomist Sun 21-Mar-21 02:25:21

I messaged Boots on Facebook a week ago about this and they said it was coming back.

Greta1968 Thu 15-Apr-21 11:10:29

I went to boots just now , a manager told me they are changing the packaging and hopefully not the formula, thats why you can't get it at the moment

BringitbackBeth Thu 15-Apr-21 11:24:46

Boots have said to me it is just supply chain issues. I suspect due to covid or Brexit....

Greta1968 Fri 16-Apr-21 10:47:06

You can buy it abroad i just ordered 5 tubs for £5.75 but i cant add a photo of the website , but its
With postage it was £17 and paid PayPal

Greta1968 Thu 22-Apr-21 10:43:08

Ive orderd 9 tubs of it this week from abroad, £2.45 each

doubleshotespresso Mon 03-May-21 14:47:50

I really hope they bring this back soon

margwilks Mon 03-May-21 15:28:40

I also love the Shea moisture one works really well for me I've tried a black castor oil one but just felt weird on my hair.

It's allot of trial and error especially once you find one that suits your hair type.

TessTackle Fri 07-May-21 20:51:48

Would you mind sharing the link please?

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