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Indian Head Massage- is it safe whilst pregnant?

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Josie57 Tue 06-Nov-07 11:18:36

My dh has just announced that he has booked me in for a spa day for my birthday on Thursday. Whilst this is a wonderful idea and lovely surprise I am 8 weeks pregnant and worried about what treatments I can and can't have. It's wonderfully thoughtful of him as he knows I have been really tired lately due to the pregnancy and a lively 14 month old who is into everything so I don't want to just cancel it but I do worry that I shouldn't be having some treatments such as aromatherapy oils etc. Anyway, I just wondered what you all knowing MN'ers knew about the topic.

bluejelly Tue 06-Nov-07 11:20:31

Sure it's fine-- don't have any expert knowledge though

MrsBadger Tue 06-Nov-07 11:23:16

just tell the spa

they will knwo what's suitable and what's not

CristinaTheAstonishing Tue 06-Nov-07 11:25:16

There are a couple of points at the back of the nexk which I think are unsafe during pg. The practitioner should know, just make sure it's someone well qualified.

MascaraOHara Tue 06-Nov-07 11:26:26

You must never have an Indian Head Massage during the first 3 months of pregnancy.. anywhere reputable should not allow you to have the treatment!

bluejelly Tue 06-Nov-07 11:27:28

oops sorry I shouldn't have been so blase
Why is it dangerous?

Josie57 Tue 06-Nov-07 11:30:34

Thanks for your comment MH. I was a bit concerned about the head massage as I seem to remember a friend of mine saying she fainted after having one and she wasn't even pregnant. I'm hoping I'm going to a reputable place and I have told them I am pregnant so they have booked me in with their most senior therapist so hopefully she will know what she is doing. I'm thinking perhaps of just opting for a pedicure with leg massage and a facial as these seem like safe options but just worry slightly that they won't want to say no to me for fear of losing business. Perhaps I am too cynical?

MascaraOHara Tue 06-Nov-07 11:30:58

Because it increase blood circulation and opens artaries it can increase the chance of miscarriage.

There are other reasons which are not directly related to pregnancy like the fact that it can often bring out illnesses that are istting dormant in your body like colds, they can give you migraines and make you feel depressed/emotional the first few times you have them.

CristinaTheAstonishing Tue 06-Nov-07 11:55:17

Really, MH? I never had one done, I thought it was just an extended version of what they do at the hairdressers. Why would people go back for one if it can cause so many problems?

TigerFeet Tue 06-Nov-07 12:08:51

Many salons/spas do specific treatments for pregnant women. It may well be worth ringing to see what they can offer you.

I know that a lot of massage treatments are not suitable during pregnancy. You may have to stick to manicure/pedicure type treatments.

Bundle Tue 06-Nov-07 12:09:35

i had one of these a few years back (wasn't pg) and felt DREADFUL after it for 2 whole days..

slim22 Tue 06-Nov-07 12:20:34

here in Asia ( and they know what they are talking about), it's a definite no no during first 3 months and thereafter they are very carefull because you might trigger accu points/meridians that increase general blood flow in body or divert blood flow from uterus or cause contractions or dizziness.

Especially head massage and reflexology. These are powerfull therapies.

Just have a pampering treat ie: mani/pedi/facial with maybe a little neck and shoulder light rub to ese tension. But no more.

slim22 Tue 06-Nov-07 12:22:39

Also, it is worth noting that a good massage, whilst increasing blood circulation helps the body eliminate toxins through blood/lymph.
Definitely somthg you don't right now as your blood feeds the baby through placenta.

MascaraOHara Tue 06-Nov-07 12:27:56

Hi, people go back because if you have more than one they are very good, lift your eotionas and make you feel better, particularly if you start having these treatments in line with focussing on your chakras.. It's one of those things where you feel worse before you feel better. Like Slim says it eliminates toxins etc so that's why you can often feel worse before you feel better.

Agree with slim re. head massage and reflexology. It's not unusla to feel terrible after these treatements or even feel completely exhauseted for a good couple of days afterwards.

Mel02 Sun 05-Mar-17 13:37:50

Yes, Indian Head Massage is safe following the 1st Trimester at 12 weeks. It is a seated massage with the client upright and should feel relaxing. Being comfortable during a treatment is paramount and if the pressure of the massage movements feel uncomfortable, as with any massage at any time, the client should inform the massage therapist so that this can be adjusted to suit. If someone's in doubt for any medical reason about having a massage, one can always check with their doctor/midwife beforehand.

HollyBollyBooBoo Sun 05-Mar-17 13:39:54


Don't have any form of massage in the first 12 weeks, no good therapist would treat you.

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