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HurryUpSunshine Sat 06-Mar-21 11:10:19

Considering buying some sachets from absolute collagen - (the ads for which have been popping up at me all week!)

Has anyone taken this or another brand and had results?

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HurryUpSunshine Sun 07-Mar-21 08:10:54


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Bigfatspiders Sun 07-Mar-21 10:26:49

I was thinking about the same thing. Hope someone who has tried comes along soon.

HurryUpSunshine Sun 07-Mar-21 19:52:20

It's made from fish. So can't help thinking that you could also maybe just eat more fish 🤷🏽‍♀️

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HasaDigaEebowai Sun 07-Mar-21 20:12:21

My friend used to work for them and says it’s all rubbish

Martinisarebetterdirty Sun 07-Mar-21 20:29:00

I drink inner beauty collagen from cult beauty. I no longer have KP in the backs of my arms and my joints don’t hurt as much. I haven’t noticed anything re hair or face skin but the joint relief is worth it for me.

Laeta Sun 07-Mar-21 20:32:35

I've been using it for about 8 months and I'm in my 50's.

I videod pulling up the skin on the top of my hand and watching how slowly it went back down before I started. I did the same video recently and you can honestly see the difference, my skins snaps back into place a lot quicker.

Also my skin is unbelievably soft. Even the palms of my hands feel like I've piled loads of hand cream on them.

However my nails and hair absolutely no difference at all. Which was disappointing as since I've gone through the menopause my nails seem to have very brittle.

My face looks a big haggard as my Botox has run out during lockdown down so can't see if the collagen has made any difference there smile

I've changed from Absolute collagen to a collagen powder which I put in my kefir water every morning. Think it cost about £30 and I'm on my second month. I'll buy it again.

Shame I can't post videos or I'd show you.


Laeta Sun 07-Mar-21 20:35:59

I also take it for joint relief. I also take cod liver oil, turmeric and Glucosamine. Nothing is helping at the moment though, I am so unbelievably stiff all the time. Have been for the passed month.

May need to get a new mattress!!

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 07-Mar-21 20:44:45

The science is very thin. The body doesn’t know it’s supposed to channel those particular amino acids into your skin.

You could just eat more protein. We need around 40-50g a day, with the uk diet being very cereal/bread based it’s not hard to fall short.

mylovelydd Sun 07-Mar-21 20:47:43

I. wouldn't use that one because it's very likely ludicrously expensive but I do use one from Amazon. It's two big scoops a day but very easy to take (even my mother who hates anything like this takes it in her coffee no worries).
In the 4 months I've been taking it I noticed (within days) that my skin on my face and body was smooth, my digestive system worked better (I have mild IBS and this has been amazing along with probiotics) and my arthritis in my neck is not painful whereas normally would be really hurting in the cold. More recently the past two weeks I have noticed my hair is really thick. My mum has hair loss from years ago and I worried about my hair being thin before but it's crazily thickened up.

I get it from Amazon and the one I use is called The-Intelligent-Health-Collagen-Powder

Pinkandwrinkly Sun 07-Mar-21 20:48:34

Premiership footballers use collagen supplements to aid injury recovery etc so must be something useful in it. They also eat collagen bars and collagen jelly regularly.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 07-Mar-21 21:03:24

It doesn’t mean it’s effective though, their young & fit so they’ll heal up quickly anyway if they follow physio advice. Proteins just protein just like fats are fats, they get broken down in the digestive system and used as the body sees fit, nature doesn’t care if we wrinkle so if you need a retinal cell copying it’ll use it for that before luxury items like skin and hair. We’ll all lose 30% of our collagen in the skin at menopause anyway, that’s how disposable it is to our bodies.

If you want to preserve/stimulate collagen there’s tretonoin creams, retinol, dermarolling and red light led masks. They’ve all been proven to work with repeatable results.

Other than that it’s the usual eating well, avoiding booze, sunlight, cigarettes and sleeping well.

flossletsfloss Sun 07-Mar-21 21:08:01

I bought absolute collagen a few weeks back. Took one in a drink and had stomach ache and trapped wind for hours. I haven't been brave enough to try another one.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 07-Mar-21 22:10:09

You wee out any excess protein anyway, the body doesn’t store surplus protein it just excretes it.

woowow Mon 08-Mar-21 12:48:05

I've been using a collagen powder by Wellgard bought from Amazon. Been taking it since December. It's been great - made a real difference to my shoulder joint pain

14February2021 Tue 09-Mar-21 15:48:39

I've been taking it for two months now, will be starting my third packet in a week or so. I started it because I'm approaching 49 and have a six day a habit which I can't give up and had noticed wrinkling around my mouth.
Since taking it I thought my cellulite had started to disappear but now I can't be sure but what I have noticed is my creepy neck seems a little less so and I haven't been as fixated on my mouth wrinkles but that be because I find other things to fixate on 🤣 but I used to have a clicking knee and this has most definitely gone and after eight months of not running I've managed to do a few 3k (ok not huge) runs without feeling stiff the next day plus for the first time ever it's made me regular, also my skin is soft. With regards to wrinkles I wasn't hugely wrinkly to start off with but I do think what I did have are less noticeable.

I'm going to plough in with it as it doesn't seem to have any detrimental effects until I find another fad 😃

I buy the hunter and gather fish collagen, and have it first thing with about 100mls if water and an orange and zinc tablet dropped in it - first week I had to hold my nose but now I don't think about it. Costs £26 a packet and lasts about a month much much cheaper than some of the others!!

crimsonlake Tue 09-Mar-21 17:47:50

I have been buying Wellgard collagen from amazon since the beginning of January, so I am on my second tub now.
I would have to say currently I have noticed no difference to my skin and I have just tried the test of pinching the skin on the back of my hand and there is no change there.
I would say that I have noticed a shine to my hair, although no difference in thickness yet. I do have my suspicions that my fingernails are growing stronger.
I am 59 and decided to try it for any skin benefits really, but I think you have to take it for a considerable length of time to give an honest verdict. I am probably going to continue with it for another few months.

Attictroll Wed 10-Mar-21 06:47:43

I have taken capsules so about 18 months. No noticeable difference to skin - I think my hair does grow faster but kept on taking as I find one capsule before bed has solved my lifelong insomnia- I googled it and it can help.

SarahBellam Wed 10-Mar-21 07:49:07

You would honestly be better off eating a bag of Harobos - gelatine is the same protein and it broken down by the body in the same way to get the same amino acids.

SarahBellam Wed 10-Mar-21 07:50:09

Remember when you were little and your grandma used to give you a cube of jelly for your hair and nails? It’s the same thing.

HurryUpSunshine Sat 13-Mar-21 21:54:03

Surely jelly is made from cows not fish though?

Mmm love jelly.

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PandoraP Sat 13-Mar-21 22:58:47

Haribo for better skin? 😍

maynardgkrebs Sun 14-Mar-21 03:11:17

According to this Michael Mosley doco, collagen use tested over 6 weeks did not do much for facial skin, when examined using specialist equipment.

"This episode is all about treatments for the face. Mehreen finds out what a surgery-free nose job involves, and if it really works. She also follows an experiment that pits three skin-tightening treatments against each other - microneedling, CO2 laser and collagen supplements - and she meets a woman undergoing a cutting-edge stem cell facelift."

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 14-Mar-21 07:39:44

Jelly’s actually really low in protein.

You need to eat really well, use sunblocks, vitamin c, retinol, tretonoins, redlight led masks & avoid alcohol & sugar if you want to stay young looking because it prevents cellular damage that causes aging but you’ll still age a bit because skin cells aren’t renewed they divide to reproduce so we’ve all got the same skin cells from conception & the menopause causes an irreplaceable loss of collagen in our skin so it’s better to preserve what you have and start young.

Gwenhwyfar Sun 14-Mar-21 16:08:18


Surely jelly is made from cows not fish though?

Mmm love jelly.

People can take bovine, porcine or marine collagen. Quite a lot of it is from cows.

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