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How to deal with eczema around the eyes?

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lilolilmanchester Sun 04-Nov-07 21:18:48

No eczema anywhere else, but have dry skin and blisters round my eyes. Beauticican tells me it's eczema. Anyone experiened similar and found effective products to deal with it? Have tried Liz Earle eye products, E45 and sudocreme to no effect. Thanks.

Heated Sun 04-Nov-07 21:42:17

Have you been itching them?
Unusual just to get eczema around the eyes, sound more like irritation/allergic reaction with the blistering. Can you think of anything that's triggered it? New makeup? Cleanser? Shampoo?etc

See the gp. Usually eczema treatment is a steroid cream which can be used but it will have to be sparingly on the thinner skin tissue around the eyes.

gigglewitch Sun 04-Nov-07 21:46:32

i would certainly get gp to check it out as no taking chances near eyes!!

Eddas Sun 04-Nov-07 21:47:41

I used to get it on my eyelids. Think it started when i used a cheap eyeshadow. It came up at around the age of 12 I think when you just start to wear makeup here and there.

I just used the steroid cream, very sparingly, on it. I had it because I had a touch of eczema elsewhere. If E45 hasn;t cleared it up go to the doctor. Mine said that the cream isn't for use on/around the eyes, BUT then whispered, if you know it'll clear it up just use a small amountwink

So I think you should visit the doctor.HTH

lilolilmanchester Sun 04-Nov-07 21:47:50

No new products at all. Beautician reckons could be stress related (which would figure). Didn't think it was serious enough to see GP, but perhaps you're right. Might pop by pharmacist first tomorrow to ask their opinion. Thanks for making me take it more seriously, you're probably right.

Eddas Sun 04-Nov-07 21:50:43

it's not serious as such but probably won't go away without getting some cream. I'm pretty sure it'll need to be prescribed though and that all a pharmacist could offer is E45.

fortunecookie Sun 04-Nov-07 21:54:12

I have this too! And I thought I was alonesmile Horrible, isn't it? Mine definitely results from stress, I've discovered.

OverRated Sun 04-Nov-07 21:55:23

Definitely check with the dr.

I was given 0.5% hydrocortisone when I had really bad eczema on my eyelids. It's not for long term use though

fortunecookie Sun 04-Nov-07 21:56:24

GP gave me some cream but it only works temporarily, if it all. I stop using makeup & cleanser/toner when I have a breakout. Vaseline helps the discomfort.

OverRated Sun 04-Nov-07 21:56:56

Mine is always made worse by stress too

tillykins Sun 04-Nov-07 22:01:51

oooh, poor you! I have that, have just been seen by the GP that specialises in dermatology

She has prescribed me 1% hydrocortisone to use morning and night, but only for 4 days
She also said NOT to use E45 as this can aggravate it - and vaseline isn't a good idea either
(sudocreme isn't for your face, so don't try that again!)
She also said to use as few products as possible - warm water been best and if thats all you use at the start of an outbreak, it can stop it in its track

She recommended new makeup brushes but said usually, although stress can be a trigger, its usually triggered by a product and aggravated by stress. And that the product is often a handcream or more likely, a nail product esp nail varnish remover - even when you have washed your hands

HTH - mine is going rapidly

tillykins Sun 04-Nov-07 22:03:16

and recommended "simple" products

Eddas Sun 04-Nov-07 22:04:41

fotunecookie, if it's eczema the cream should clear it up. I'd go back to the GP if I were you.

lilolilmanchester Sun 04-Nov-07 22:05:41

Interesting tillykins, will try to follow your/your Dr's advice and see if it helps. I've never reacted to products before, so haven't been too careful. Will see if keeping everything away from eyes helps. Too busy this week for GPs' appointment so good to eliminate other things before going to GP.

lizziemun Sun 04-Nov-07 22:14:52

Thanks tillykins you have just comfirmed that i need to see the doctor.

I have dry itchy skin around my eyes, nose and ears. I also think i am now getting other patches on my body.

I had dd2 8 weeks ago and i think that is what has caused it. I have never had dry skin in my life i have alway been oily while my sister had the eczema ( i had the astma).

Heated Tue 06-Nov-07 22:07:08

Me too, I hadn't had eczema in over 12 years, but it flared up after having ds1.

LaCerbiatta Wed 07-Nov-07 11:04:33

I had it too. Had to use steroids to clear it and then a good eye cream to keep the area moisturised and prevent it from coming back, The one that works really well for me is teh Avene eye cream, iot's the only one that doesn't burn when I put it on!

lilolilmanchester Sat 17-Nov-07 22:08:14

Sorry, just realised I hadn't posted back...
GP prescribed a steroid cream, as several of you suggested. It has cleared up, but anyone know what I can use to keep eye area moisturised going forward (GP/Pharmacist have both said nothing good for eyes - ie no E45 etc)

MrsMuddle Sat 17-Nov-07 22:25:46

Oddly enough, I went to the doctors about this yesterday. It's on my eyelids and cheeks. My skin is red and itchy on my eyelids and hard and horrible on my cheeks.

I've never had eczema, and apart from some spots around the time of my period, my skin has always been fine and I could use any make-up or products.

She said to use hydrocortisone for a week, and E45. She also said to use any eye cream as moisturiser, as they have all been especially formulated.

She said that it often happens due to a change in temperature, and will prbably disappear within a couple of weeks.

How odd that I found this thread. I thought I was the only person who had this.

CodDickinson Sat 17-Nov-07 22:27:19

welcome to the world of the cod itchy eye

too tired to type now btu do a search
have had loads of htis

lilolilmanchester Sat 17-Nov-07 22:29:39

Mrs M........the hydrocortinsone has done it for me, great stuff. But both GP and pharmacist told me not to use E45 around eyes(even tho I had been doing for several weeks........) so would like to hear about suitable eye creams from other sufferers. Currently using Liz Earle

CodDickinson Sun 18-Nov-07 08:08:20

ok my eye hting startes last winterand to cut a logn story short it was a reaciton to either somehtign in nail varnish or to lemon grass

am not allergic to anythign normally -a part form touche elcat

so three trips to a dermatologist later,,.

eh gave me sup strength hydrocotrisone to sue aroudn theeyes th first day then ??05 % to sue afterwards( will have ot check)

anyway since hten have had no flare ups fro three weeks - seemngly zappign ti effectively adnthen not using anythign ont he eys fo a while is th best thing

Furball Sun 18-Nov-07 08:15:58

try popping to a health shop and getting 'no added crap' creams for future use. they also sell make up which don't have any irritants in. There really is a lot of rubbish in products these days even the brand simple is quite far from it.

CodDickinson Sun 18-Nov-07 08:16:47

was intersted in eyemake up remover thread recnetly where folk use baby oil

Furball Sun 18-Nov-07 08:18:51

baby oil - is just plastics though cod all man made

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