Plus size chat / what are you wearing today sort of thread 2!

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ParisJeTAime Thu 25-Feb-21 19:19:47


Following on from our previous thread, here is a shiny new one to see us through Spring / Summer and maybe beyond!

Feel free to join. We are very friendly and size inclusive.

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ParisEncore Tue 11-May-21 13:02:11

That's annoying until! I also haven't been bowled over by the Giessweins. They're fine and I'll keep them. I love that they're machine washable and I wear them without socks and they aren't smelly at all, so I love that too. But they aren't the most comfortable shoes. I think I probably should have gone with a slightly bigger size tbh.

UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme Tue 11-May-21 12:46:01

StCharlotte I love your new hair, and that whole outfit!

I am disappointed with my Gliesswein sneakers as they just aren't comfortable when I'm on my feet in them all day - I really wanted them to be "the" shoes, but they should be worn in by now and yet they actually seem less comfortable sad The foot-bed is comfortable and they don't rub, and the left foot is in fact completely fine, but the right presses on my toes increasingly through the day, so that when I wore them on a ten and a half hour shift I was properly in pain by the end sad To start with I liked them and just thought they needed afew wears, but the long wear was after wearing them for a few hours eight or nine times - they should have been fine. I thought bring wool they'd shape to my feet more, as they seemed a fairly good fit at first and didn't need to give much! hmm...

Unfortunately I definitely can't wear Birkenstocks to work - closed shoes are one of the very few clothing rules - in fact maybe the only one except no jewelry except for a wedding ring...

ParisEncore Mon 10-May-21 21:34:13

Those are lovely too Charlotte!

StCharlotte Mon 10-May-21 21:30:44

Nice. I'm a Mayari girl myself. Current pair are hot pink. We had our own business for about a decade and I was on my feet all day every day so I went through a pair most years. I've had so many colours and a couple of floral pairs. Now I'm an office bunny again this pair have lasted six years so far..

ParisEncore Mon 10-May-21 20:26:04

I got black Milanos in natural leather. I like that they have an ankle strap and no toe post, so hopefully will be comfy enough to march about in all summer. I've even booked in for a pedicure - I am determined for it to be feet out weather grin

StCharlotte Mon 10-May-21 20:22:26

Which Birkies did you get Paris?

ParisEncore Mon 10-May-21 19:43:43

Ah sorry about your work-heavy mother's Day @UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme. That is annoying you didn't get it off. Hope you can make up for it when you get some time off!

Love the new hair @StCharlotte! Glad it's finally ankles out weather.

My Birkenstocks arrived today. The delivery man was laughing as I was so obviously waiting for it to arrive. I love them. They are fab! Keeping.

StCharlotte Mon 10-May-21 19:33:04


Sorry to hear your Mother's Day was spoilt Until.

I like your H&M dress Paris. It looks very easy to wear.

I'm wearing the Megan cigarette trousers that I'm always banging on about, a shirt from Oasis and shoes from Evans. The ankles are out!

Ooh and I've had a haircut at last which had lots of compliments at work which is always nice.

Zebracat Mon 10-May-21 15:18:08

Those cardis are gorgeous, Hare, and I love your H&M dress . I’ve bought some lovely things last week from Next clearance, a tankini for £12.00, a checked top and a navy checked dress for only £16.00, which has a toast vibe, and got a definite thumbs down from Dh, so it must be good!
Some how I can’t post a link

UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme Mon 10-May-21 14:22:27

I'm wearing my ling black with white flowers Next wrap dress today - I wore long stone colour linen shorts with a short sleeved washed blue type colour jersey shirt to work yesterday. I was a bit peed off about working German mother's day when Im the only mother of children under 18 on the team, and mine had planned stuff... but I took 3 residents (two of who's own families had declined to have them home despite asking, and one of whom's mother died last year) for a longish walk to an ice-cream take away hatch grin (they're a thing here the same way they are in UK seasode resorts - usually make their own very good ice-cream and have a wide range of flavours). So a couple of hours of the afternoon we're lovely, folliwed by and evening of a lot kicking off... oh well. Did the night and early shift too , got home at 11:30am and dialed into a meeting at 12 hmm

Oh well - its 28 degrees here! 🌞

Sorry blush

But its going to rain again tomorrow - two days of summer this year... sad

Ive gone a bit mad because I think I've found my holy grail spring/ summer/ autumn cardigan and ordered it in two colours so that I can make myself happy wearing it over my summer clothes every day that the weather is pants - but its insanely expensive, so hopefully it'll be hideous and I'll send them both back!

I got a nice bonus from the goverment when I passed a state exam in July, but I have now spent most of it on clothes, which I will obviously wear for the rest of my life... blush

ParisEncore Mon 10-May-21 12:10:02

Nothing much on here either tbh. Quiet day in the house with 3yo and then meeting friends after school pick up for coffee and play date (weather permitting)!

Hope you're alright @LivingDeadGirlUK! I'm not 100% at the mo with hormones and allergies and life in general. Hoping things will get better with the weather!

LivingDeadGirlUK Mon 10-May-21 11:29:35

I like that, you an always add a belt if you want to dress it up? I got myself a new black leather belt on Vinted, as my studded belt is not really appropriate for work. Real leather and new with tags for a tenner!

Jeans and swampy hooded Tshirt today but in my defense I'm not feeling my best today and just want to be comfy.

ParisEncore Mon 10-May-21 10:12:04

Here I am in the H&M knit dress I linked to recently.

It's a tad shapeless and sack like, but very easy to throw on and I feel pretty good in it, although I'm sure I'd look more shapely in something more fitted, but hey ho.

ParisEncore Sun 09-May-21 18:06:15

Yes, I am all for ass covering layers for underneath sweaters! They sound useful and I love the sound of your shirt outfits @Cailleach1

I'm in another eBay purchase today and meant to post a pic, but time ran away from me! We've been for a big walk round some woods, (standard Sunday activities), and I'm currently collapsed on the sofa, but might take a pic later. It's a grey, cotton, dress from Gap. Wearing with tights and sweater of course! It did feel quite spring like to me today, but it isn't quite warm enough for just a dress (boo). Not totally freezing here though like @LivingDeadGirlUK had today.

I've booked in for a spray tan next week! Very excited. Sick of being pale as a ghost and the sun is certainly not going to be getting me tanned any time soon! Anyway, fake is healthier. I'm dollying myself up for summer by god, even if it's still sweater and scarf weather!

Cailleach1 Sun 09-May-21 16:48:16

Thanks for the fake tan tips! Never had a tan, so looking forward to being golden and summery for once.

Just to say that Zara have some very flattering fit shirts/blouses in at the moment. I got a white cotton one (fabric not too thick or rigid) which I'll pair with ankle length leggings and trainers/sandals/patent brogues. Got turquoise stone hoops to add colour.

Also I got some lyocell t-shirts. Was going to send back, as they were so sheer I could see my bra right through it. Then popped a thin knit jumper over the t shirt. It was perfect as the jumper was more fitted and the t shirt gave thin bottom coverage and white at the neck/shoulder area too. Being so thin meant they didn't add bulk; just the ass covering.

LivingDeadGirlUK Sat 08-May-21 15:15:44

It's absolutely pissing it down here so I'm in joggers and a hoody #glam

ParisEncore Sat 08-May-21 09:00:23

Yes, I'm finding returns a faff now. Our printer, although quite new, (bought for homeschooling last year), has gone a bit bananas! It just need paper. Occasionally it works, but not reliably at all. A lot of them do print in store if it's Hermes or Collect+, but I expect it depends if you have those shops nearby.

StCharlotte Sat 08-May-21 00:08:07

It also seems more complicated to return things - I used to just take the parcel to the post office but now they want you to print out labels etc.

I know! I got caught out a couple of times towards the end of my last stint of wfh. I have no printer at home so I had to email them to a colleague and get her to give them to her boss who happens to be my next door neighbour so she could drop them in to me!

greyinganddecaying Fri 07-May-21 20:45:37

Most of my online order is going back.
I ordered a red joe browns top but it's a pinky red which really doesn't suit me. And the navy trainers were way too small ☹️

It also seems more complicated to return things - I used to just take the parcel to the post office but now they want you to print out labels etc. I've sadly missed the date to return some animal print trainers because I've not got around to it - I'm kicking myself for being so disorganised & determined to get the returns sorted ASAP this time.

LivingDeadGirlUK Fri 07-May-21 15:41:49

Had a site visit today. Navy trousers M&S size 18, top is warehouse size L.

ParisEncore Fri 07-May-21 15:37:19

This is the one! Out of stock now, but I got it in black and 'greige' and really like them.

ParisEncore Fri 07-May-21 15:31:29

Ah sorry you're having a crap time @UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme.

I got some bits from H&M sustainable range and I think it's mainly keepers. I'm wearing one of the dresses today, which is a knee length, black, knit dress. Still cold here and I'm struggling with what to wear some days! I feel as if it's spring so I can wear fewer layers or no thermals or coat. Get outside and I'm freezing! Anyway, wearing this with leggings and a big, black and gold blanket scarf.

@Cailleach1, happy to discuss beauty on here too!

And yes, it's me again with another name change grin

StCharlotte Fri 07-May-21 12:43:24


*@StCharlotte* it was the Milli dress - I might have another go with the Tallahassee

The good news is they use the same fabric design grin

That's a nice dress UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme. I think making a sartorial effort does give you a bit of a lift.

UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme Fri 07-May-21 10:10:34

Wearing a blue and white size 26 wrap dress from Marks and Spencer today, with a white cardigan (XL from C&A) - and tights - size 42/ 14 from tschibo... Sounds very odd and I don't know when I even bought the dress... but I think it looks better than it sounds grin

Its raining here, the weather has been crap, lots of crappy things have been happening, so I decided yesterday to wear a dress instead of following the temptation to put the thermal leggings I usually only use to sleep in at work or as actual thermals, and an oversized jumper on and acting as though I'm ill or something grin Yesterday I wore a burgundy jersey dress and black jersey cardigan but didn't take a photo.

poorremus Fri 07-May-21 10:10:12

@StCharlotte it was the Milli dress - I might have another go with the Tallahassee

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