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ParisJeTAime Thu 25-Feb-21 19:19:47


Following on from our previous thread, here is a shiny new one to see us through Spring / Summer and maybe beyond!

Feel free to join. We are very friendly and size inclusive.

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Divebar2021 Fri 26-Feb-21 13:07:22

Jeans are a nightmare. You need a personal shopper in a department store and let them bring you dozens of pairs.( Remember Department stores? )

alphaechokiwi Fri 26-Feb-21 13:38:39

@StCharlotte - I loathe shopping for jeans. I never realised how universal that feeling is until I found the S&B board. Regardless of size it's a flipping nightmare...
I've managed to go out and am now dressed in something other than nylon and lycra - an achievement indeed.
T-shirt - gap probably an L
Navy cardigan - Uniqlo size L
Slouchy cords - Poetry 16

UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme Fri 26-Feb-21 14:34:09

StCharlotte are you an apple? Have you tried Next. Or 501s seriously, I'm so pleased with mine. Next with the plain black top, Levi 501s with the stripey. I'm an apple with a lack of defined waist.

NellietheNumpty Fri 26-Feb-21 15:22:52

@ParisJeTAime Hi there. I think the stripy tunic is a bit odd in its design whoever is wearing it. There is a lumpy join between the two pieces of fabric, the horizontal and vertical stripes. I am also not sure where the join should fall on a persons body. Is it waist or hips?
Basically I think the garment has a design fault.

fairydustandpixies Fri 26-Feb-21 15:32:08

Wow! You all look amazing! 🥰

StCharlotte Fri 26-Feb-21 15:39:09


Thanks. I may try Next next. Ha ha.

I think it was your picture in the 501s the other day that piqued my interest because they look great on you and combined with @ParisJeTAime in her M&S ones the other day made me think I MUST HAVE JEANS AGAIN!!! Even though I haven't had a pair for at least a decade ad have coped perfectly well.

It is of some consolation that DH is also struggling to find a pair of jeans he likes. The ones he used to buy are discontinued and there is of course nowhere to try anything on so we're in and out of the Hermes shop returning stuff on an almost daily basis at the moment!

UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme Fri 26-Feb-21 15:49:39

StCharlotte I think Paris is an hour glass, so while she looks great in M&S jeans that probably means they won't suit us apples! I absolutely live in jeans - I'd say honestly that I wear them 360 days per year - its incredibly rare I wear anything else, although I do now have my camoflage print cargo trousers which I also love, with the reservation that the normal higher up pockets are too small and my phone falls out... grin You just need the right jeans and I think the 501s work for an apple because theyre unisex - which is exactly why they don't work for an hour glass or pear of course.

I've got cropped 501s in an online shopping bag and might buy a paor in black or grey too, I love them, and the pockets are brilliant blush (I'm a bit pocket obsessed because of work practicalities) and I've had loads of complements wearing them! Try them - go on! winkgrin

UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme Fri 26-Feb-21 15:59:20

I was a size 22 this time last year and also lived in jeans, and had very comfortable, practical ones then too, so I do think everyone can find the right jeans if they want to (not that they have to obviously, but because theyre the most practical workwear for me I've always sought out comfortable, wearable jeans).

LivingDeadGirlUK Fri 26-Feb-21 17:50:07

I went to the Drs today lol. Next jeans size 16, EMP t shirt size XL and an M&S shirt in size 14.

StCharlotte Fri 26-Feb-21 18:29:29

Thanks for all the jeans tips esp. @UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme smile

ParisJeTAime Fri 26-Feb-21 18:29:35

Oh doctors! We are seeing all the action this week wink. Vaccinations, dentists, doctors! Will the excitement never end?! (Not even joking - I got my reminder to make an appointment for dental check up and thought "woohoo")!

I really like upir shirt @LivingDeadGirlUK. Hope the doc appreciated it!

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StCharlotte Fri 26-Feb-21 18:37:46


Oh doctors! We are seeing all the action this week wink. Vaccinations, dentists, doctors! Will the excitement never end?! (Not even joking - I got my reminder to make an appointment for dental check up and thought "woohoo")!

I really like upir shirt *@LivingDeadGirlUK*. Hope the doc appreciated it!

My "social" life has gone mad. I've got to take the cats to the vets (also for injections!) which could well take a couple of attempts as the chance of them co-operating at the same time is zero.

Also booked the car in for a service - even though it's still on the same tank of petrol as when I took it in a year ago! I've done about 200 miles in the last year.

Honestly I'm just a social butterfly these days grin

ParisJeTAime Fri 26-Feb-21 18:47:27

Oh you show off @StCharlotte! Vets and mechanics! I can only dream of such things grin.

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LivingDeadGirlUK Fri 26-Feb-21 20:05:07

I was almost going to do Dress Up Friday, but thought that might be a bit odd for going in for a smear test :p

It's been lovely today in the North West, feel like spring is on the way. I'm in the market for a new pair of trainers I think as my vans are not as comfy on long walks as my old DC skate shoes were.

ParisJeTAime Fri 26-Feb-21 20:12:49

grin @LivingDeadGirlUK. So true; a balance has to be struck for smear tests or anything of a personal nature!

I know a retired teacher who says her heart sinks when she goes in for something personal and gets, "oh hello Mrs X. You were my teacher in year 5", shock.

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Maverick66 Fri 26-Feb-21 21:46:12

Hi all,
Thanks for new thread @ParisJeTAime

alphaechokiwi Sat 27-Feb-21 09:25:39

@LivingDeadGirlUK - I'm so sad I totally would dress up for a smear grin.
Today I've unearthed a beautiful Jigsaw leather jacket which I bought in eBay, brand new with the tags still on it. It was a total bargain, but I've had it a few years and never worn it. So I'm going to style it 3 ways and try to decide whether to keep it or sell it on...
1. M&S jeggings (16), M&S shirt (18), DM calf length boots
2.:Top Shop skirt (L), Whistles t-shirt (L), white leather trainers
3. Zara purple t-shirt (XL), Toast wrap skirt (16), Birkenstocks

alphaechokiwi Sat 27-Feb-21 09:26:28

Outfit 3!

ParisJeTAime Sat 27-Feb-21 09:30:25

Oh love the jacket @alphaechokiwi! That was a good eBay find!

I like the second look the best. I'm a sucker for a checked shirt, and think it goes really well with the jacket.

I'm joining in later. Not dressed yet blush

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Divebar2021 Sat 27-Feb-21 10:34:26

I don’t even know what item I’m doing yet !!!!

alphaechokiwi Sat 27-Feb-21 10:35:48

Thanks @ParisJeTAime - I don't feel very confident wearing this jacket as it cuts me off at a point that emphasises my sticky out arse / hips etc. I'm very pear shaped. But maybe I just need to get used to wearing it....

ParisJeTAime Sat 27-Feb-21 10:39:07


I don’t even know what item I’m doing yet !!!!

Me neither! No idea...maybe boots? Maybe a dress? Can't decide. Going up now to have a shower and peruse spartan wardrobe!

@alphaechokiwi, if it helps, I would love a bigger bum! I have the sticky out hips, but not much of a bum hmm.

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StCharlotte Sat 27-Feb-21 11:14:39

* alphaechokiwi* Keep the jacket it looks great.

Here are my three looks. 100 Stars Paris kimono. Cast your minds forward to summer...

(Definitely need to sort wardrobe judging by how crushed that chino skirt looks grin)

ParisJeTAime Sat 27-Feb-21 11:39:21

Oooooh so summery StC! Lovely.

My favourite is look 2...I think. It's close and they all look really nice! I like the white and yellow tones together, so yes, look 2 for me.

I still don't know what to dooooo <stomps foot>. It might me another late night contribution from me tonight at this rate. Having a think.

I've got loads of cleaning to do (yay hmm) so will think while I clean.

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UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme Sat 27-Feb-21 12:05:48

I meant to say yesterday, its lively that thete are a few new usenames on this new thread and that people are posting their outfits! I hope lots of people join in with the 3 ways challenge. I love seeing what people are actually wearing and how things look on similar sized/ shaped women to me! Its an excellent source of inspiration.

Although I'd resolved not to buy anything until time for summer clothes I may have ordered some not-goth boots (not the same ones as Paris but inspired by her and all the other posters who have posted cool boots with dresses/ skirts), and a midi denim skirt which seems to be proper jeans denim - having decided I need to try boots with dresses and skirts and hoping a sturdy denim skirt might stand up to actually putting things in the pockets (which is what always stops me wearing skirts - even when they have pockets they aren't load bearing!).

I love the leather jacket alphaechokiwi especially in photos one and two - not as keen on 3 but that's personal taste. People want sticky out butts I think - someone was telling me there's even a trend for trousers with shaping/ padding, like padded bras but for butts, among some teens, but I haven't gone down the rabbit hole of investigating that shockconfused You shouldn't hide curves - I have a substantial chest but comparitively small hips and bum and a sadly fairly big waist in comparison, and definitely feel they should be a bit curveyer!

StCharlotte those are all lovely, especially number 2! I like 3 too - looks like cropped jeans??

I've been rushing about since getting up after a bit of a lie in - laundry, then food shopping with DD (no online grocery shopping option where I live), then awalk with DH, then taught ds1 to cookna full English breakfast for his home economics presentation on breakfast in other cultures grin we live in Germany... Got to quickly help him with his presentation then be at work for 2pm, so won't have time for the challenge today - might do it tomorrow!

Im wearing my 501s with a longline Next vest top under a Whitestuff blue shirt today.

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