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EdinaMonsoon Mon 30-Nov-20 14:13:35

DH has asked me what I would like for Christmas. Given that we're staying at home for the foreseeable, I was thinking of asking for items that I would have pleasure in using every day. Off the top off my head, I thought of cashmere socks & facial oil but am a bit stumped after that.

What would you put on your Everyday Luxury gift list? I'd rather it wasn't all beauty, can be clothing but perhaps more accessories? Budget isn't an issue, insofar as I'm looking for inspiration outside of my usual go-to's and ask for something I wouldn't usually buy for myself. I'm not saying DH will agree but let's start in fantasy land and I'll deal with reality later!

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SpeckledyHen Tue 01-Dec-20 04:48:28


Loccitane almond shower oil, I love it and its my ever day luxury


BeaLola Tue 01-Dec-20 07:25:52

In no particular order:

Cashmere socks
White company electronic diffuser
Aromatherapy Associates bath oils
White Company Winter candle
Jo Malone hand and body wash - varying smells
Colouring book & pens
Space Mask
Clarins hand cream
Chanel No 5 bath cream
Potted hyacinths
Kindle & voucher to spend on books
Calligraphy nib holder & coloured inks
Perfume - wear everyday including lockdown
Fluffy throw

EdinaMonsoon Sat 05-Dec-20 13:59:23

Thank you everyone for your suggestions! You were all super helpful and I am just adding the final touches to my list smile

Thanks again!

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