"Everyday luxury" gift ideas needed, please!

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EdinaMonsoon Mon 30-Nov-20 14:13:35

DH has asked me what I would like for Christmas. Given that we're staying at home for the foreseeable, I was thinking of asking for items that I would have pleasure in using every day. Off the top off my head, I thought of cashmere socks & facial oil but am a bit stumped after that.

What would you put on your Everyday Luxury gift list? I'd rather it wasn't all beauty, can be clothing but perhaps more accessories? Budget isn't an issue, insofar as I'm looking for inspiration outside of my usual go-to's and ask for something I wouldn't usually buy for myself. I'm not saying DH will agree but let's start in fantasy land and I'll deal with reality later!

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EdinaMonsoon Mon 30-Nov-20 14:15:36

Sorry...meant to say "I'd rather DH didn't give me beauty items only" but am very happy to hear what your ultimate luxury beauty items would be because it's not something I particularly buy for myself.

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Sooverthemill Mon 30-Nov-20 14:18:07

If money was no object I would like a cashmere hoody and maybe cashmere joggers. I have knitted joggers ( from tesco) that are so comfy I'd like a posh version.

Otherwise something lovely like a nice dressing gown which DH got em a few years ago when we were going through a shit time ( DD having chemo) like this

muddledmidget Mon 30-Nov-20 14:22:19

I'd be thinking in terms of making me and the house cosy. Really nice lounge wear for Sunday evenings (love an afternoon bath with a glass of wine on a Sunday), white company candles, new house plants to add a bit of greenery after the tree comes down, v nice wine for my Sunday afternoons!, new slippers (I like bedroom athletic ones but more luxurious can be found), silk pillow case, l'occitane almond shower gel, neals yard bath milk plus a new board game and jigsaw puzzle to do over lock down weekends

Osquito Mon 30-Nov-20 14:24:18

A book club subscription, or Readly subscription

EdinaMonsoon Mon 30-Nov-20 14:34:18

@Sooverthemill Sincerely hope your DD is doing well now. Those kimonos are beautiful. Thank you for the recommendation. Not sure about the cashmere joggers. I like the idea of them but am peri-menopausal and worry that I might overheat. This is completely alien to me, having suffered with Reynauds my entire life.

@muddledmidget Love all those ideas, thank you. I had never thought of asking for a jigsaw puzzle - and not in the context of luxury - but I think I would really enjoy that! It seems like a lovely way to lose time for a while. I'm a huge board game fan too but sadly DH isn't and the DCs are always either busy or away at uni.

@Osquito Great ideas. I've rediscovered my love of reading this year. Haven't heard of Readly but will investigate.

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muddledmidget Mon 30-Nov-20 15:45:43

@EdinaMonsoon I'm counting the time at home to be able to enjoy pastimes such as jigsaws as a luxury rather than a chore. I honestly can't think of much cosier than sitting in comfortable lounge wear, with the fire lit, a glass of red wine and doing a jigsaw or adult colouring! It seems easier to think of it as a luxury than the chore of lock down, particularly if surrounded by things you want to do.


doadeer Mon 30-Nov-20 15:56:34

How about a candle subscription? Iggy box is great.

Beauty - I like the espa bath oils or aromatherapy associates.

Some nice hair masks or treatments.

Soft blankets or new bedding from white company?

If you like books there's an app called blinklist which does audio summaries of tons of famous books, could be interesting to listen when pottering on at home.

caperplips Mon 30-Nov-20 15:58:36

Jewellery all the way for me! I'd like a beautiful 18kt gold necklace which I would wear every day

VienneseWhirligig Mon 30-Nov-20 15:59:23

Bar soap in the same fragrance as your scent
Silk pillowcase
Teddy bear blanket

Seafog Mon 30-Nov-20 15:59:47

I'm hankering for more brass pots for my plants

CommonsensibleYouTotalFuckwit Mon 30-Nov-20 16:05:55

Raynauds? If you are still going outside for walks/exercise etc, what about a pair of really good gloves eg Black Diamond Soloist. Definitely substance over style though! For style, I would love a pair of elbow length leather gloves (Dents?)

Or the very best slippers you could get?

CommonsensibleYouTotalFuckwit Mon 30-Nov-20 16:07:49

Also, I'm wearing gloves to shop now as I have a really fucking sore ulcer (I have Raynauds too) and don't like being pressured to use hand sanitiser on entry. I would love an amazing pair of gloves but would lose them on the second day no doubt

LaurieFairyCake Mon 30-Nov-20 16:18:36

I've just bought 4 (!) pairs of silk pyjamas (real silk, not polyester - with some cotton in it for robustness and easy washing)

Laycuna at brand alley - £35. They are so gorgeous.

Sooverthemill Mon 30-Nov-20 16:20:02

@EdinaMonsoon if you like jigsaws have a look on here ( it's a local shop but they post ) jigsaws for some really great ones, hoping for an Angela Hardingbone myself

And yes, she's recovered from that but she has a chronic long term condition which means she's still very ill

HelpMeh Mon 30-Nov-20 16:24:53

Aromatherapy Associates bath or shower oils are lovely.

SpaceOp Mon 30-Nov-20 16:29:52

I don't know anything about Raynauds but would second cashmere - what I've always loved about cashmere items is that they're warm when you need to be warm but don't seem to encourage overheating.

If money was no object, I'd be getting a full length cashmere dressing gown (and am hoping to be in a position this is viable for my next "big" birthday). Cashmere gloves and scarves also good. Cashmere jumpers, ditto.

If you want warmth but worry about overheating, proper silk scarves are your friend. Surprisingly warm, but can also be cool. I don't understand it. I just know it's true! grin.

I am eyeing up a fancy electric diffuser this year.

If you enjoy baths, a really good bath oil/bubble bath. I like Clarins. Also like this.

If you are a coffee lover - really good coffee or a coffee subscription. Or wine. Flowers on a set delivery schedule.

Magazine subscriptions.

DarlingCoffee Mon 30-Nov-20 17:02:24

Posh candles and a milk frother for lattes in the morning!

sammylady37 Mon 30-Nov-20 17:18:57

An olive wood (or wood of your choice!) bath caddy to accommodate book, wine and tea light

whiteonesugar Mon 30-Nov-20 22:19:38

Loccitane almond shower oil, I love it and its my ever day luxury

MathsFiend Mon 30-Nov-20 22:22:18

Would have to order within next hour, but Pat McGrath has loads of lipsticks for £12 as part of cyber Monday sale. Her lipsticks are lovely and feel very luxurious.

BookShark Mon 30-Nov-20 22:24:55

A Bloom & Wild subscription or similar. We have a fortnightly flower delivery so we nearly always have fresh flowers in the house - feels like a real indulgence.

Sasuma Mon 30-Nov-20 22:34:52

Something like a really nice quality cup and saucer if you’re into drinking tea? And some real tea leaves if you’re used to standard tea bags. Or the equivalent if you’re a coffee drinker... I have good quality tea (Fortnum and Mason) and a cup and saucer I use for breakfast and it does always feel like a treat (both things gifts).

Also second PPs, a good quality dressing gown and PJs. Check out Derek Rose, Desmond and Dempsey, Piglet in Bed.

A manicure set or pedicure set? I really like the ones from Margaret Dabbs.

Lovely socks for lounging around. Genevieve Sweeney does gorgeous socks. Also she does a sock subscription so you get one pair a month. www.genevievesweeney.com/

NeedWineNow Mon 30-Nov-20 22:48:51

Lovely loungewear
Luxurious bath or shower products with matching body cream
Bag, wallet or purse - a brand that you might not turn to straight away
Nice beauty products - I've just treated myself to an Armani lip gloss set including a pouch as my Christmas present to me!

Anon22 Tue 01-Dec-20 00:04:33

A White Company electric diffuser plus a couple of their oils to go in it, or the Tisserand de-stress oil.
A weighty, furry blanket.
A tinted lip balm
Clarins hand cream
A milk brother
A rose quartz worry stone
Nailberry nail varnish in Raspberry
Some new artwork (minimalist pictures of favourite films)
Good quality fudge or shortbread
Bottlegreen spiced berry cordial
A Simple Human mirror

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