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Which product has made the most difference to your skin in terms of anti-ageing?

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Ethelfleda Fri 20-Nov-20 07:24:02

Just that really. What’s your wonder anti-ageing product?
I’m just past mid 30s and the crows feet are starting to make an appearance!
I’ve been using vit c and retinol for many years now - as well as a peptide serum in the mornings.
How do I get my gold back? Or is that it now? grin

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Ethelfleda Fri 20-Nov-20 07:24:19

That should say!

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Si1ver Fri 20-Nov-20 07:27:15

niacinamide, zinc, retinol and Botox.

Plus always using 50+ sunscreen

Girlintheframe Fri 20-Nov-20 07:29:23

Vit C has made a massive difference to my 'glow'

DianaT1969 Fri 20-Nov-20 07:35:43

Not to derail the thread, but is there anything that slows down the tiny lines around the mouth? I'm noticing them this year for the first time. Collagen in coffee? I expect that eventually it will be fillers.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 20-Nov-20 15:57:13

Using sunblock every day for 20 years.

Esbm2015 Fri 20-Nov-20 18:05:47

Can I ask what peptide serum you use as I’m looking to add one to my routine?

Ethelfleda Fri 20-Nov-20 21:05:20

Yes Esbm - it’s buffet with copper peptides from The Ordinary

So apart from going back in time and being more strict with sunscreen grin

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GoldfishParade Fri 20-Nov-20 21:23:59

Ive been using the ordinary retinol and am seeing fuck all difference :-/

ilovewinterpansies Fri 20-Nov-20 21:26:40

No 7 retinol. It makes my skin freak out a bit with spots but it does settle down and it makes my skin less dry and creasy!

Also use dermalogica calm water gel and it's really moisturising without making your skin feel oily. Plumps it up too.

EasternDailyStress Fri 20-Nov-20 21:29:33

Wearing a mask grin

foodtoorder Fri 20-Nov-20 21:31:02

Boots ingredients serums in general

Ylvamoon Fri 20-Nov-20 21:31:51

Yes to sunblock. I also use plain olive oil with a few drops of essential oils (to make it smell lovely) as a moisturiser. It's magic stuff!

ComeOnGordon Fri 20-Nov-20 21:32:12

Using a cleansing oil to wash my face. The dogs bollocks

Othering Fri 20-Nov-20 23:53:19


Ive been using the ordinary retinol and am seeing fuck all difference :-/

Probably cos it's crap.

Bunkbedpeople Sat 21-Nov-20 01:13:44

50 plus sunscreen
Oily fish

Graphista Sat 21-Nov-20 02:26:20

Honestly? My sister and I have same bone structure and skin type except I'm very fair and she's very dark.

I burn quickly so I've always stayed out of the sun, she's out in it every chance she gets without any protection as she never burns but won't listen to "skin cancer scaremongering"

I also have mainly drank water for about 15 years and been mostly caffeine free for almost 2 years (New Years resolution, occasional "slip"), she is a caffeine addict (caffeine is a diuretic/dehydrator)

I'm nearly 5 years older than her, when people don't know who's the eldest usually as they meet us through mum, they assume she's the elder sister. Which really pisses her off! grin

I'm 48, I've genuinely had people disbelieving I'm even in my 40's - I'm not saying they're right!

My skincare "regime" consists of face wipes and basic cheap moisturiser twice a day which is all I've done since my 20's.

No fancy expensive products

Also I've been veggie for over 30 years and I'm generally speaking a fairly healthy eater I'm not a fan of junk food finding it generally bland and unsatisfying and I can cook something in 20 mins (less time than it takes to order and receive a takeaway around here) that is tastier, healthier and more filling.

I've observed of others with youthful appearances that they generally speaking just lead healthier lifestyles.

Mostly veggies I'll admit but the meat eaters who fall in the same category eat fresh, unprocessed meat mostly (I'm not talking expensive organic grass fed etc just will have a piece of chicken breast as opposed to a frozen breaded type for example)

And they generally are sun avoiders too

Hope that helps?

Graphista Sat 21-Nov-20 02:28:17

@Bunkbedpeople agrees basically and much more succinctly than me

anothernewone Sat 21-Nov-20 07:59:00

In the absence of a time machine I would suggest an oil (I use the elemis one) on an evening which gives me a softer plumping effect. Also I use a mask before a night out (the lancome genifique is my fave but the bodyshop drops of youth is also a fab dupe at a fraction of the price)

Also hate to say it but botox and fillers make the biggest difference.

Chill08 Sat 21-Nov-20 08:07:21

Watching this thread with interest ive been using no7 retinol for 4wks now not much of a difference so far. Ive also started to get the dreaded lines at side of mouth too but cant seem to find anything that makes a difference

Nc135 Sat 21-Nov-20 08:14:05

Tretinoin (prescription retinol - have tried the ordinary etc and it doesn’t do anything - you need prescription strength), vitamin C, glycolic acid, spf 50, niacinamide and zinc, Botox

Nc135 Sat 21-Nov-20 08:14:56

@Chill08 you need to get prescription strength retinol. Actually does something

UncleBunclesHouse Sat 21-Nov-20 08:18:21

Is hyralauronic acid any good? Been looking at trying the ordinary version but have been a bit underwhelmed with their stuff I’ve tried so far - maybe not stuck at it for long enough...

UncleBunclesHouse Sat 21-Nov-20 08:19:59

Ive also seen a website advertised where you get a programme of (think prescription?) products for a monthly fee, but can’t remember what it’s called - sure someone here will know

OxanaVorontsova Sat 21-Nov-20 08:20:09

I’m 50 and the best things I’ve used recently is Kate Somerville retinol vita c serum at night, it’s a sample size but has definitely made a difference. I’ve also been using a sample of ren keep young and beautiful after hyaluronic / before moisturiser in the morning and that also seems to be giving me a glory boost

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