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Lounge/yoga pants wide waistband cuffed bottoms search!

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upsidedownroundabout Thu 19-Nov-20 10:53:50

Hello! Anyone got any recommendations for comfy yoga pants? Just to wear about the house. I want them to be loose in the leg but with a decent width waistband to hold in tummy, and cuffed at the bottom. I don't want them to be too fleecy or hot. Must have pockets!

I looked at the Sweaty Betty Gary style which is like what I want but the reviews seem to suggest they pill quickly and for £70 I think that would be annoying. They've got to wash and wear well.


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Defiantly41 Thu 19-Nov-20 11:14:04

Have a look at Athleta (stocked by John Lewis). Seem to fit the bill, pricey though

Monkeytapper Thu 19-Nov-20 11:20:39

I have these in grey and black, very comfy

DialsMavis Thu 19-Nov-20 11:26:53

I have these and whilst the waistband doesn't look wide they hold me in (big of tummy) and have held up really well to multiple wears and washed per week

Peach1886 Thu 19-Nov-20 11:29:52

Gudrun Sjoden have some fab wide-legged trousers - I wish I'd bought several pairs. They're called Petite but that's just the design, they come in all sizes in various colours; I could happily live in mine smile

mrschocolatte Thu 19-Nov-20 11:44:06

Have you tried Noctu? I have their harems which are lovely to wear. So comfortable!

upsidedownroundabout Thu 19-Nov-20 11:54:34

Some awesome brands to look at here, that I'd not heard of - thank you!

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ShivD Thu 19-Nov-20 11:55:51

I love my fleece SB Gary’s and reckon there’ll be a discount in the run up to half Friday if you can hold on.

Otherwise, Hush harems are my favourite, comfortable and look quite stylish too.

sleepwhenidie Thu 19-Nov-20 11:58:03

I have several pairs of the Sweaty Betty, live in them (wash at 30 no softener) and no pilling at all, even on the fleece one...they are soo comfy, the fact that I have several pairs even at ££ says it all!

havanka Thu 19-Nov-20 12:14:21

The normal (not the Luxe Fleece) SB Gary pants won't pill, they are just a jersey material. I wouldn't say they hold the tummy in though, they just have a normal waistband and are quite lightweight.

Will definitely be a Black Friday code soon though.

sleepwhenidie Thu 19-Nov-20 12:33:09

True Havanka...I'd have thought a waistband that does hold tummy in won't be so comfy either!

mymadworld Thu 19-Nov-20 12:33:42

Hush Harem or Sweaty Betty and both fab

tattychicken Thu 19-Nov-20 12:40:51

Decathlon do some lovely ones, very reasonable.

TollgateDebs Thu 19-Nov-20 13:17:19

Asda - very comfortable, wash brilliantly and a real bargain!

BigSandyBalls2015 Thu 19-Nov-20 13:18:57

My DDs have got Gymshark ones, they're lovely

nemeton Thu 19-Nov-20 14:02:54

Hush harems.

Tweetypietwo Thu 19-Nov-20 14:20:54

Try Oysho!

albicocca Thu 19-Nov-20 14:39:34

I'm on a similar quest OP. I've got my eye on these beauties...
Can't quite bring myself to pay that much though. I sent back SB Gary's - too flimsy. I'm loving my Gymshark Pippa's but they dont hold in the ol' tum unfortunately but for £25 I can forgive them.

upsidedownroundabout Thu 19-Nov-20 15:03:30

Excellent points about Black Friday - thanks for reminding me!

Hmm good to hear some of you saying SB won't bobble... yeah I wasn't sure about the waistband. It's hard when you've got a tummy... you want something with some structure but at the same time not too tight... sometimes I struggle to know whether to put my tummy over or under a thin waistband or drawcord 😕

I love the look of the hush hareems and the waistband is wide but then I worry that because it's wide and soft I will just look pregnant 😭 similarly the Me & Em ones although they are beautiful!

Defo checking out all the suggested brands, thank you!

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