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Help me dress like Beth from Queen's Gambit....

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Bellaisoneluckywoman Sun 15-Nov-20 07:13:38

Just that really. Astonishingly good Netflix series, but my GOD the clothes!!!!! Anyone have any tips for how to dress like Beth? Does anywhere sell dresses/blouses etc. like that? Just when I thought I'd live in tracksuits for life I am suddenly inspired. Also - wonder if one has to be a size 8 to carry it off?? Hmmm. Off to practice some winged eyeliner.

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Floisme Sun 15-Nov-20 10:57:16

For a contemporary take on the 60s,I think you could do a lot worse than some selective Boden - their A line mini skirts for example, and also some of their coats.

If you want to be more authentic, you can still get vintage 60s with a bit of rummaging and persistance. However from the way Beth's clothes move and drape, my guess (and I could be wrong) is that they've been recreated using technology that didn't exist 50 years ago. Classic 1960s pieces in linen and velvet and tweed are fabulous, but a lot of the iconic stuff was in synthetics that were stiff, itchy and will give you a new respect for polyester.

It's true that some of it was unforgiving of curves but I think people worried a lot less about that pre Instagram. And again, the more classic pieces, the tailored suits and dresses - watch Beth's mother's outfits - look great on curvier bodies.

Or you can just take bits of it: the eyeliner, the pale lipstick, the flicked up hair, etc etc.

athousandstrawberrylollys Sun 15-Nov-20 14:09:48

following because I have been DROOLING over the outfits in Queen's Gambit!
Hell Bunny do clothing with a fifties feel, - even though a lot of their stuff leans goth they have some gorgeous tartan pieces

CallingAllEngels Sun 15-Nov-20 18:56:51

Check out retro retro companies like: Collectif Clothing, Hell Bunny, Voodoo Vixen, Miss CandyFloss, Banned, Bettie Page, Lady Vintage, Pin up Couture, Steady Clothing, Daisy Dapper, House of Foxy, Seamstress of Bloomsbury.

DonaldTrumpsChopper Sun 15-Nov-20 18:58:34

I'm following too. Thanks for the suggestions.

Peasinthefreezer Sun 15-Nov-20 19:03:08

Not sure of shops where you can re-create Beth’s look but wanted to put this link here for this virtual exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum - where you can check out many of the shows costumes.

dumpling123 Sun 15-Nov-20 19:34:48 do some fabulous bits

Blueroses99 Sun 15-Nov-20 19:36:28

Try Collectif.

I’ve also been drooling over the clothes!

Kaisawheel Sun 15-Nov-20 20:03:20

Try Pretty Kitty Fashion, lovely quality vintage style clothes

Bellaisoneluckywoman Mon 16-Nov-20 07:37:29

Ooo - thank you all. Am going to try out everyone's suggestions. Wish I was handy with my sewing machine as would LOVE to recreate some of her exact outfits. TO. DIE. FOR.

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Bellaisoneluckywoman Mon 16-Nov-20 07:43:20

Ooooo - have found some rather good stuff on Etsy. FuzzyRetro, for instance, does some gorgeous looking mini-dresses.

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