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Lucy Worsleys coat

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goose1964 Sat 14-Nov-20 13:58:31

If anyone's been watching royal fibs, if not why not it's brilliant. She's been wearing a single breasted short coat with absolutely enormous buttons with a removable leopard skin collar. My first thought was Boden but it is not, well that I could see anyway. It's blue.

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GodolphinHorne Sat 14-Nov-20 15:45:41

Tweet her and ask?

LaurieFairyCake Sat 14-Nov-20 15:47:37

I think that tv programme is a couple of years old so it may not be this season

MadamBatty Sat 14-Nov-20 20:43:01

It looks like Hobbs from a few years ago to me. She wears a lot of Hobbs, when she’s not dressing up.

Gwenhwyfar Sat 14-Nov-20 22:36:35

"She wears a lot of Hobbs, when she’s not dressing up."

I'm surprised Hobbs has anything small enough to fit her!

MadamBatty Sun 15-Nov-20 00:06:05

Hobbs do a 6?

Oldraver Sun 15-Nov-20 00:24:26

I'm convinced she makes her coats or has them made as they are very different

I love her style

FoggyNelson Sun 15-Nov-20 02:56:50

I can see why you thought it was Boden, because this one looks similar!

It's not this specific Boden coat though, her one is made far superior by the presence of pockets.

DelphiniumBlue Sun 15-Nov-20 16:57:30

The fuschia wrap one she had on in Episode 1 was fab, too!

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