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iwanttolookbetter Mon 02-Nov-20 04:16:45

Thanks to an amazing mumsnet thread, I've just discovered Maybelline 24 SuperStay lipsticks and I'm completely obsessed - both with the matte ones and the ones that have the 2 ends! I've got weird shaped lips and while I can correct it with lip pencil overlining, I've never found a lipstick that doesn't come off the bits that are overlined so it just ends up accentuating my weird lip shape, as it stays on my actual lips. This stuff does not come off - it makes my lips look like I've had high end fillers done by the country's best cosmetic injector! And I now want to buy half the range! This will come to quite a lot of money though so I've been looking for deals. There's a site called that does them for £3.39 or so whereas they're usually £9.99 (already bought 6 in my local Boots at that price - well, actually 3 for 2 at the moment) but can't afford another 30 at those prices and I can't wait to buy them - also my local Boots doesn't stock many shades as I live in a small town). But this falinas has a bit that says

"I accept the VIP membership where I shall top-up my account every month, unless skipped, and agree to receive newsletters and notifications from Falinas."

I can't figure out how to skip this but has anyone else any experience? Don't want to inadvertently end up paying vast amounts unknowingly!

I was supposed to be going on my first (very cheap) holiday in 8 years this year but had to cancel due to Covid. So while I lost some of the money I am treating myself with what I've saved by not going! Can't go too crazy though so if anyone can tell me if this is a reputable site I'd be very grateful! It has good reviews on trust pilot but other sites seem to be more negative. Not sure what to make of that...

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FraughtwithGin Mon 02-Nov-20 13:25:42
This might help.

iwanttolookbetter Mon 02-Nov-20 15:25:50

Thanks Fraught - that's disappointing but good to have access to this info!

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