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Is skin & me worth it?

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Tinks15 Sun 01-Nov-20 09:13:25

I’m really tempted to give it a try. Do people recommend it & how much is it per month? Does the tube last longer than a month if so do they allow you to amend the subscription to every other month or something?

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ForSaleChesterDraws Sun 01-Nov-20 09:21:02

I’ve used dermatica and skin and me. Stopped Dermatica when I was unwell and struggling with skincare.

My thoughts
1. Skin and me start you on much lower concentrations of tret than Dermatica. That means there’s less buffering and I was ok to apply every day without irritation.
2. The handy dose twist click of skin and me is better than the pump of Dermatica. It measures out doses really well.
3. At the time when I was using Dermatica they didn’t do azeliac acid like I wanted, not sure if they have updated it.
4. If you want tret with Dermatica you have to say you want it for acne. If you select anti aging then you don’t get tret.

I’m going to stick with skin and me for the time being.

LouiseBelchersBunnyEars Sun 01-Nov-20 23:52:43

Hmm, I put anti aging for dermatica, and was given tret and niacinamide, so they deffo do give it for anti aging.

I’ve heard the skin and me packaging is a lot more swish though! (Priorities! 😂)

I’d give it a go OP, try for a couple of months. I know with dermatica you can change the frequency of your order, so every 45 days rather than 30 days. Presume skin and me allow similar.
I’ve heard both companies products last longer than you’d imagine, as you don’t need a lot

Sunnywaves Mon 02-Nov-20 09:16:39

I'm just about to start my second month with skin and me. I've been impressed so far. I was started on 0.04% tret, 4% azeliac acid and 4% niacinamide.
I put down fine lines and wrinkles as a priority and noted I had been using 0.05% Retirides.
I like the fact they simplify your skincare regime and also recommend approved products in various price ranges if you need advice.

Sunnywaves Mon 02-Nov-20 09:20:11

Also forgot to say it's £20 a month and I presume you can adjust your prescription if you are not happy but mine has been fine. The tube is for 28 days and you need to use it every night so no point in missing a month. The dose is smaller than I would normally use if I was freehand but I manage to just about cover my face.

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