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Where to buy / who to follow

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Squaddielife Sun 01-Nov-20 00:04:31

I love these looks but am hopeless at shopping/fashion. I dont have a whole heap of time to dedicate to following the latest trends so tend to vear toward what I know & like.

Does anyone know of anyone on instagram I can follow who create these types of look and where to buy?

I'm thinking to start with a decent white shirt and although I could buy one anywhere I want to buy decent and stylish .... any tips where to start?

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Terralee Sun 01-Nov-20 11:30:17

The good thing is that the clothing on those looks is very achievable.

The looks are classically stylish rather than ultra fashion forward as mom jeans & straight fit jeans tend to be the most fashionable right now while skinny jeans are more of a classic now.
But I see lots of girls & women wearing them.
Biker jackets are also a classic that doesn't really date.

Regarding the first look, skinny ripped jeans & a white jumper like that can be bought fairly cheaply in most high street shops eg Dorothy Perkins, F&F at Tesco, New Look, Primark.
For the jacket you could go for real suede or buy fake suede which again there are similar in Primark, River Island & Dorothy Perkins for example.
Boots, again try somewhere expensive like Dune or cheaper like River Island or even cheaper like Tesco.

I have a gold pendant necklace like that which I inherited but you could try Accessorize eg.

The 2 things I would find hard to achieve are the thigh gap & the amazing hair! Not sure if she has extensions?
But I have a fluffy cat like that too haha!!

I don't have any ideas about who to follow on Instagram as I'm only just getting the hang of it myself!

Squaddielife Sun 01-Nov-20 14:31:24

Thanks smile I appreciate your reply.

I have seen a nice black biker jacket in River Island so might put that on Xmas list .

As for the thigh gap and gorgeous hair I'm not even sure Santa could stretch to that grin

Any ideas on where to source a white shirt? I'm told that not all white shirts are created equal and tailoring is key? I know nothing though haha. I do prefer a fitted look rather than oversized.

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ScribblingPixie Sun 01-Nov-20 14:37:41

I'd suggest having a look at the shirts in the upcoming Jil Sander/Uniqlo collection, +J. It sells out very fast online so you'd want to buy immediately it becomes available if you see anything you like.
I think Massimo Dutti shirts are nice. They're quite a slim fit.

Ponks Sun 01-Nov-20 20:18:59

On Instagram check out who dresses in similar way.

seanthesheep Tue 17-Nov-20 15:50:59

What is the sizing like? I’m looking at the lightweight puffer coat I’m 14-16 and not sure whether to get a large or xl??

Ellapaella Tue 17-Nov-20 17:40:20

All of those pictures are very similar to Jennifer Anniston's style, also Elle McPherson and Abbey Clancy. Might be worth looking them up on Pinterest or Instagram.
Also agree with pp who recommends in -style by helen on insta.

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