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I'm after a knee-length, waterproof parka. Can anyone recommend?

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Mybobowler Sat 31-Oct-20 07:29:27

I'm tall (5'11") and on the hunt for an insulated (doesn't have to be thick, but a bit of padding would be nice), knee-length waterproof. Decent pockets and a hood are essential. My budget is £100 max, which rules out most that I've found, including the Didriksons I've been coveting. Has anyone seen such a thing?

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Diorissimo1985 Sat 31-Oct-20 07:35:00

I am also looking for the same thing with a similar budget! I’ve been keeping an eye on eBay as I’d like a Seasalt Janelle but too expensive for me full price.
Maybe try looking on eBay for Didriksons?

MsSweary Sat 31-Oct-20 07:37:18

Oh I came on to say Didrikson too. Go Outdoors often have Parka's on sale.

sandgrown Sat 31-Oct-20 07:40:32

I managed to get a Seasalt in the sale plus 20% off certain sellers with e bay . The best waterproof coat I have had and it’s very long. It’s been worth the money . Keep looking for offers.

Ulysses Sat 31-Oct-20 07:48:55

I've got the non-down version of this and it's brilliant as a rain coat and keeps me bone dry.

I weighed it this version for a winter coat, but I wanted one that would come up a bit shorter on me (I am 5'4"). It's a good price for a down coat which is so weather proof too.

PearsMorgan Sat 31-Oct-20 07:54:18

Watching with interest.

Didricksons came up too small on me and use dhl to deliver which makes them a pain to return where I live. If I could try them irl I would persevere.

ChessieFL Sat 31-Oct-20 07:57:13

I was going to suggest Seasalt Janelle but it’s outside your budget - but highly recommended if you can find one in a sale. I love mine.

2me2u2u2me Sat 31-Oct-20 08:16:46

I swear by TK max for great designer coats at knock down prices, they have a lot of winter parkas in at the moment

Mybobowler Sat 31-Oct-20 08:16:49

Ooh I've just googled the Seasalt Janelle and it's exactly what I had in mind! Only slightly more than I wanted to spend so I'll see if I can find one in a sale or on ebay.

@Ulysses I couldn't find the coat on the link you sent - keeps taking me to a sign-up page 🙄 what's the name of it?

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Ulysses Sat 31-Oct-20 08:19:18

It's the Women's Hybrid Down coat. Uniqlo always have #10 of your first order discounts as well as free delivery.

movingonup20 Sat 31-Oct-20 08:30:43

I have a 3 in 1 knee length jacket from mountain warehouse and it's properly waterproof with a zip in soft shell lining but it's 2 years old - worth seeing what they currently sell as parkas aren't usually waterproof, mine soaked through last night in 20 mins.

Sunflower40 Sat 31-Oct-20 08:41:56

I've just ordered Craghoppers Mhairi coat for £110 at Next. Looks ideal!

PapsofJura Sat 31-Oct-20 08:48:44

I got an Emma Willis at Next one in green. I am much shorter than you and thankfully got petite which goes down to my calves. It is going to face a lot of testing today in the storms but looks up for the challenge!

Cantreasonwithunreasonable Sat 31-Oct-20 08:49:54

Yes. Mountain Warehouse. Half price makes it £100

justawoman Sat 31-Oct-20 08:59:38

Uniqlo’s got some of their hybrid down ones at £69.95 in the same at present, but v limited sizes left. IME it’s worth keeping an eye on though as sometimes sizes reappear even in the sale stock, presumably because of returns:

Spamfrit Sat 31-Oct-20 09:01:41

BrandAlley have got cheap Didriksons I’ve just bought one for £77 delivered

Mybobowler Sat 31-Oct-20 11:35:29

Ooh the Craghoppers Mhairi is another contender. Thanks so much everyone!

Checked Didriksons on Brandalley and they've all sold out of my size - rubbish! I snoozed, I losed (?)

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PapsofJura Sun 01-Nov-20 20:21:45

An update on my Emma Willis coat from next which I think they also do in tall. Yesterday the weather was grim and it got its first outing at my eldest football and it kept me warm and dry so a big thumbs up from me.

Mybobowler Sun 01-Nov-20 22:14:46

Oooh I was tempted by the Emma Willis but I caved and bought the Seasalt Janelle (in a tall fit, which I'm now slightly regretting). Sod's law says we won't get a drop of rain for weeks now...

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Stylinson Mon 02-Nov-20 06:29:00

I got a Dridrikson Frida for £80 last week. Waterproof, excellent hood, good secure pockets, warm but not really bulky

ClinkeyMonkey Mon 02-Nov-20 07:24:08

I bought the Emma Willis one and absolutely love it. It has only had a bit of drizzle on it so far though, so no idea about the usual NI bucketing rain!

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