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Mascara for sensitive eyes

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AnotheChinHair Fri 30-Oct-20 05:59:16

Hi there. I am in the market for a new mascara as my usual Max Factor and No 7 are now irritating my eyes. I am quite pale so a black-brown or navy would work better for me. Not too bothered about lengthening, but would love to make my lashes look thicker. I would rather use one that comes off when I wash my face with face wash, without the need of special products to remove mascara. Budget around £20. Cheers.

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Bmidreams Fri 30-Oct-20 06:12:35

I'm the same, so following. I'm sure that its my beloved Loreal mascara that's affecting my eyes. Is No 7 not hypoallergenic? That's what I was going to try next. I bought a clinique one that was recommended and have been really underwhelmed by it, especially at that price!

LaughingDonkey Fri 30-Oct-20 06:30:00

When out of blue I had allergic reactions to my usual mascara, eyeliner and eye pencil (I couldn't figure out which one was making my eyes itch, swell and make my eyes watery), I bought body shop products. I have no problems now smile

Bmidreams Fri 30-Oct-20 06:39:10

Yeah but we won't shop there! smile

AnotheChinHair Fri 30-Oct-20 06:54:27

Yeah, for several reasons, Body Shop just isn't an option for me.

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Bmidreams Fri 30-Oct-20 07:14:20

I should add that clinique mascara is not causing any reaction and does wash off with warm water.

AnotheChinHair Fri 30-Oct-20 08:43:12

Which one is that Bmidreams?

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Bmidreams Fri 30-Oct-20 08:57:47

Last Power. I just got it from Boots. It does leave little bits under my eyes, which I wouldn't expect in an expensive product, and it was clumpy to start but seems better now. My eyelashes no longer itch!

AnotheChinHair Fri 30-Oct-20 11:57:18

Hmmm.... Just reading reviews, it seems to do that a lot, the leaving bits under eyes...

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 30-Oct-20 12:07:09

Eyeko have some great mascaras , cruelty free and don't sell in China .

The Body Shop ethiics with Animal Testing is important to me but they have gone right off peoples purchase list now .

One without fibres is better , though I have rubbish eyelashes so I need all the fibre help !

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