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Please recommend me a tummy cincher

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TTCAbroad Sat 31-Oct-20 22:20:07

Take a look at What Katie Did. Their products are excellent quality and they have everything from sturdy shape wear to heavy duty corsets. They will also advise you over email and phone to make sure you're getting the correct product!

EasyPants Sat 31-Oct-20 13:59:53

Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll check them out.

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StarlightLady Fri 30-Oct-20 16:13:32

OP, l have 2 made by Fantasie and one from Pour Moi. Both available on Figleaves.

Fantasie are slightly longer in the body and true to size. Pour Moi sizing is a tad “inventive”. They need to “mould” to you though and can feel odd on first wear. I sometimes wear one to work (pre lockdown) in the cooler weather; comfy for all day wearing.

EasyPants Fri 30-Oct-20 14:27:05

Can you recommend any seller or brand?

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StarlightLady Fri 30-Oct-20 11:17:16

OP, it’s true the emphasis is on the waist but if you opt for one that is fairly long, they support the tum too. And no overhang at the edges so to speak. But l can’t emphasise enough that you need to break them in (I have 3), then it’s like having a cuddle all day, which is actually quite nice!

Most come with suspenders but they are always easily detachable.

EasyPants Fri 30-Oct-20 10:34:29

I see what you mean. I’ve never considered a basque. I’m not sure how well it work as they seem more about holding the waist in, whereas my stomach bulges/hangs more at the bottom? I will definitely have a poke around online though.

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StarlightLady Fri 30-Oct-20 07:50:27

I don’t think you will find anything that you can wear more than once because what you are looking for will fit so snugly against your skin. I agree you want something that doesn’t involve a wresteling match every time you go for a wee though.

Aside from that, some cinchers can tend to role to bunch at the top and gather the flesh defeating the object somewhat.

Have you considered a basque instead. Not cheap, but Fantasie fit like a glove and are supportive without being over the top. Pour Moi are also good but there sizing is somewhat erratic. It’s like a new pair of shoes, you have to break them in. And they do hold all bits in the right places. No problem with wearing them your usual knix.

I just was mine in the machine, in a delicates bag at 40 degrees.

EasyPants Thu 29-Oct-20 21:07:06

This really. Since having a hysterectomy last yr, stomach now bulges and inspite of crunches since last yr, it has refused to budge, my waist has gone from pre op 29inches to 34inches.

I’ve decided when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade. So pls recommend me a waist cincher.

I prefer one that doesn’t have a gusset so I can wear it and take it off easily, as well using it more than once. I also want one that doesn’t show the outline of the cincher underneath my clothes, so more streamlined.

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