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Facial wash recommendations-10 year old

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secular89 Thu 29-Oct-20 17:22:24


Posted this in CHAT. But not enough replies.

I'm looking for facial wash for my 10 year old boy, who is getting a few spots here and there. The tricky thing is he has eczema. So a sensitive face wash, which also helps spots would be really good.

We were using the Eurecin mild milk face wash, which was so so good but they discounted it! They have a new range, so we bought the milk wash which has hyaluronic acid, but I was worried that the acid would not be good for his young skin for now.

Any suggestions? We had the Moogoo milk for a couple of months but did nothing to help spots. Eurecin was fantastic, but have no clue about their new skin care range. Please advice smile

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Martinisarebetterdirty Thu 29-Oct-20 17:27:07

Spots and stripes have a tween / early teen range. It’s expensive but lovely stuff. You get it direct from their own website.
Hyaluronic acid, as far as I am aware, just helps your skin attract moisture, so not an acid acid.

dexterslockedintheshedagain Thu 29-Oct-20 17:36:21

I asked a similar thing for my 13 yo DD recently and was recommended CeraVe face wash.
Working well so far! DH also get spots, and it's helping him too. Not saying it will necessarily work for you but it's worth a go.

Oneandabean Thu 29-Oct-20 17:37:29

The best thing I’ve found for spots is a bit of savlon, I’ve tried all sorts of creams and washes. Just use a mild face wash, avoid anything too harsh as they can often cause more problems. Something like simple might be enough

HazeyJaneII Thu 29-Oct-20 17:38:04

My dd2 with eczema uses Carbon Theory Soap - it £6 for a bar, last for ages - you can buy it online or in Waitrose or Boots. It has really helped her skin.

MustardMitt Thu 29-Oct-20 17:38:08

OP I responded on your other thread.

applepineapple Thu 29-Oct-20 17:40:28

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser is nice and gentle

secular89 Thu 29-Oct-20 17:49:10

Martinisarebetterdirty but is Hyaluronic acid good for young skin?

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secular89 Thu 29-Oct-20 17:50:30

We used CeraVe but it literally flared his skin and it became really flaky and drying.

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applepineapple Thu 29-Oct-20 17:53:46

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in skin so not 'bad' per se. Although if he's had issues with cerave which in my opinion is very gentle on skin and does contain HA then maybe it's not for him. Hope you can find something that will help him.

OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea Thu 29-Oct-20 17:54:40

My teen and tween like the black soap from friendly soap company. Biggest is eczema prone and it is fine for him. Plus no nasties. Not drying. No plastic and inexpensive.

secular89 Thu 29-Oct-20 17:56:30

apple he has been using the Eurecin milk wash with Hyaluronic acid for a few weeks now and now flare up.... with CeraVe he had an immediate reaction.

But yay! I'm so glad to be continuing with Eurecin for now. We would look into the other suggestions listed on this thread. Thank you everyone.

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secular89 Thu 29-Oct-20 17:57:21

Oakley do you use the black soap for the body too?

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OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea Thu 29-Oct-20 18:55:30

You can do. I tend not to and use cheaper bog standard soap bars for everything else. They wash their faces in the shower so the soap lives next to the shampoo and then another bar in a little net bag for body.

Allthebubbles Thu 29-Oct-20 19:26:43

Micellar water is good for my sensitive rosacea prone skin. It seems to remove dirt and make up ( obvs not relevant for a 10yr old) pretty well.

Thesheerrelief Fri 30-Oct-20 06:16:59

Cetaphil. My brother and I have very sensitive skin and this is lovely

louisethedisease Fri 30-Oct-20 07:52:19

Cerave we use here, daughter loves it. We have the hydrating one but will purchase the sa one next.

TwilightSkies Fri 30-Oct-20 07:58:34

The Ultrabland from Lush is very good.

What’s his diet like? Does he drink plenty of water etc?

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