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Toenail falling off -Any nurses/podiatrists/chiropodists/runners who can advise please?

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Elizabella Wed 28-Oct-20 22:54:22

About 6 or 7 week sago, I was moving a piece of furniture and tried to bump it down a stair to get rid of it. Anyway, it got its revenge on the way out by swinging back and hitting my big toenail square on the free edge of the nail. After hopping round dementedly and saying 'Oh fudge'' several times, it calmed down.It didn't turn black or ooze pus or anything, just got an enormous buildup of clear fluid under the nail and the lower corner went red with infection. GP gave me Fucidin ointment for infected corner and my nail started to come away from the upper nail bed, then the infected corner and was attached by the other corner. I looked on Dr.Google and it said to leave the nail in place as long as possible to protect the nail bed and to just stick it down loosely with a plaster. Now, the nail looks as though it practically all the way off but a bit red along the cuticle but nothing major.I have cleaned it and used the Fucidin again on the red bit with another loose plaster. If I keep doing this will it harm the new nail that will grow. and how long should I keep the old toenail in place? Or should I take it off it is ready to just pop off and use melolin and tape to cover the nail bed? Not sure what the drill is but would appreciate the advice please

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Sasuma Thu 29-Oct-20 03:05:47

I’m a runner and have done some pretty long hiking trips so I’ve had my share of damaged toe nails. In my experience best to leave the nail in place until it comes off itself - which for me has usually been when the new one has started to grow in. I would be careful about taking it off yourself, although in the past I have trimmed nails that are on their way out to stop them catching and potentially ripping off. And in the meantime just keep it clean and keep an eye on it. Be warned though, a big toe nail could take up to 12 months to fully grow back! They grow pretty slowly.

Elizabella Thu 29-Oct-20 10:41:10

Sasuma thanks so much for replying. I have absolutely no experience with this sort of thing and was just a bit confused about how long to keep the toenail stuck down for.It said if you do this then you don't end up with the end of the toe puffed upas the nail grows through and therefore less likely to get ingrowns as it comes through. The original injury was late August so two months down! I just thank God it is closed show season for the next 6 months and that only I shall have to gaze upon the deformed digit xxx

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overwork Thu 29-Oct-20 11:25:26

I loose one of my big toenails approx every 2 years from hiking and running, and one of them now I think is beyond repair, it doesn't grow back right. I have never put a plaster on them (but then I have never googled it nor taken professional advice). I have always cut the old nail fairly short so that it doesn't catch on things, and then waited for it to fall off naturally. It has normally fallen off when the new one is about half way grown back.

Elizabella Thu 29-Oct-20 19:05:37

overwork thanks so much for your input. I read that if you keep the nail in place but taped on, that it or events the development of 'turf toe' where the end of the toe gets pushed upwards and can cause problems as the new nail grows in. I wondered if anyone has done this and how long the did it for? Mine has come off right at the cuticle now so have trimmed the sharp edges and stuck it back down with a couple of plasters. I wish my new nail was halfway grown back sad but grateful that the weather is waaaay too cold for sandals!

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