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Toast jumper alternative?

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Glastonbury2020 Wed 28-Oct-20 14:26:57

Hey lovely people! Has anyone seen a cheaper/similar jumper to his Toast one? I can't afford £155!

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Pythone Wed 28-Oct-20 15:12:06

How about Seasalt?

Glastonbury2020 Wed 28-Oct-20 15:31:33

Thank you Pythone! The Fruity one is perfect! 😁😁

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Nanasueathome Wed 28-Oct-20 15:38:01

Toast will do a sale soon
I only ever buy in their sales and they are always really good reductions
John Lewis stock Toast too so you can always check their sales

Gonegrey31 Wed 28-Oct-20 16:29:30

Have a look at

AW20DF gets you 10% off and free delivery (think this still works)

Gorgeous sweaters and all natural fibres

Glastonbury2020 Wed 28-Oct-20 16:38:22

Thanks for the tip about their sales Nanasueathome.

I'll check out Celtic and co too- thanks Gonegrey 31!

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Ellapaella Wed 28-Oct-20 21:21:04

I have the Toast one in your link OP. I didn't pay full price for it as I had a referral code and got 20% off. I have to say it was worth it as it's an absolutely gorgeous jumper and I've worn it so much since I bought it.

If you did want to go for the Toast one I'm happy to share a referral code with you that would get you 15% off.

Glastonbury2020 Wed 28-Oct-20 23:38:16

Ooh, yes please Ellapaella!

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Ellapaella Thu 29-Oct-20 07:28:10

@Glastonbury2020 I'll send you a PM

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