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Trainers like Nike Air Huaraches

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ZoeRedbirdsLongLostSister Wed 28-Oct-20 09:17:37

So last year I bought my OH a pair of men’s Nike Air Huaraches which he loved and said they were the most comfortable shoes ever. Since he’s very fussy about his shoes they were a great find. But they have now been discontinued as when I search for them on the Nike website it now comes up with football boots.
These are the sort he liked but these are the wrong size and preferably not in white. I’ve googled but all I can find is dodgy looking ones on amazon and other websites. Lol.
I don’t want to spend a huge amount and then end up with cheap knockoffs.
So I was hoping someone here might know of any trainers which fit are similar to the Nike Air Huaraches? Budget is £150. Don’t mind what colour but the darker the better. And they need to be a size UK10.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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