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Dying roots at with home without ruining highlights

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GrapevineFires Mon 26-Oct-20 14:08:39

I need a bit of help. I have quite dark hair with blonde/caramel highlights. I don’t mind the dark regrowth but the greys look awful. I can’t afford the hairdressers at the moment (or for the next couple of months) so need to improvise.

What’s the trick to dying roots at home without getting a colour line?

Pic included for reference.

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thelake Mon 26-Oct-20 15:35:08

I think you might make it worse. Leave it and save up.

GrapevineFires Mon 26-Oct-20 19:06:56

Unfortunately it’s unlikely I can afford to get it done until Jan right now, not with Christmas coming up - but you can see how long the greys are getting!

Am I better just doing a semi all over for now until I can get to a hairdresser? Are there any semis that work on greys?

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BumblePan Mon 26-Oct-20 19:25:09

I have highlights too and I use the clariol root touch up along the part of my hair. Go for the dark blonde shade. The brown is very dark in my opinion. My roots still show when my hair is tied up, but its not too bad when my hair is down.

Wildwood6 Mon 26-Oct-20 19:27:19

The Clairol root touch up dyes are great for this, you just need to apply them very carefully to the greys only, and bear in mind that they seem to come out much darker than as described on the box- I go two shades lighter than the shade that 'should' match. Other than that the L'Oreal root cover up spray is good, as is the Colour Wow root cover up powder.

GrapevineFires Mon 26-Oct-20 19:55:04

Thank you - two votes for Clariol so I’ll look into it. I read some reviews mentioning that the 10-15 mins isn’t long enough to saturate greys. Is that your experiences?

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Westfacing Mon 26-Oct-20 20:00:13

Yes, the Clairol Touch up , and it does cover the grey, and yes to going for lighter shades.

If you wanted to do all the roots you really need a friend to do it!

But Touch up is great for the just the hairline and parting

Mellonsprite Mon 26-Oct-20 20:09:59

I’ve got a Clairol root touch up for precisely this. But It’s only got 15ml colour and 15ml developer in it. I’m worried it’s not enough though, but I’m going to give it a go. I bought brown 5 shade and have dark brown hair.

TessTackle Mon 26-Oct-20 20:12:38

Hairdresser here, I really wouldn’t touch it yourself!
Is there no hairdressers/academy looking for models? Often it’s free as it takes a while or at best you pay 30%
Hth x

alittlequinnie Mon 26-Oct-20 20:13:36

get your hairdresser to tell you which dye she uses for the roots and then get some on ebay and a proper brush to do your roots - I have highlights every 12 weeks and do my own roots inbetween.

I start at the parting and I ONLY do the grey root line - if it's only 5mm then only do 5mm - just keep using the tail of the brush to create another parting left and then right and repeat - the trick is to not cover MASSIVE amounts because it will then make your highlights too dark.

Been doing this for years - my hairdresser does highlights in L'Oreal Majirel 7.0 and 8 - I mix the two 50/50 for my roots - works really well. I get all the kit on ebay no issues.

MyPersona Mon 26-Oct-20 20:20:14

I always do my own roots between hairdresser visits as they are so grey now they show in 3 weeks. Until lockdown I used the Clairol root touch up successfully for years. When the hairdressers shut I got some of the proper stuff he uses, and just use half a tube. It’s not difficult, I don’t get a strong line, but obviously the highlights do move down.

Lineofconcepcion Mon 26-Oct-20 22:10:43

Yes another vote for Clairol root touch up. My husband does mine for me as I'm mid brown with a huge amount of grey, dyed blonde. And at £100 a time t the hairdresser I can't afford it either.

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