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I'm lusting after these hairbands

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Time40 Sun 25-Oct-20 23:05:54

I don't buy new clothes - I'm strictly vintage, Ebay and charity shops only ... but I'm so tempted by these. They've got them in the window of a shop I walk past regularly, and I think I might crack soon:¤cy_ratio=1

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FortunesFave Sun 25-Oct-20 23:11:13

OOh they're bloody gorgeous! They're almost a hat they're so dramatic....they remind me of those little 1950s hairband hats....absolutely beautiful.

womnat Sun 25-Oct-20 23:14:22

I have one from anthropologie

IdblowJonSnow Sun 25-Oct-20 23:16:04

Gorgeous. Which one are you going for?

MoltonSilver Sun 25-Oct-20 23:18:28

They're very pretty. I've been admiring them on the John Lewis website.

Batfinklestein Sun 25-Oct-20 23:21:53

Oh they are gorgeous. And cheaper than similar ones I’ve seen.
If only I didn’t have a tiny little pea head. Things like this just won’t stay on.

Time40 Sun 25-Oct-20 23:41:01

Gorgeous. Which one are you going for?

Can't decide between the three on the top row, and the Floral - Teal, Modern Floral and Pansy

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1forAll74 Mon 26-Oct-20 00:02:54

I have made several headbands, very similar to the ones shown here. I have used the fabric off a few summer dresses, dresses that I had to shorten. so didn't cost me anything as I have a large collection of different coloured cottons. I sew by hand, as don't have a machine.

FortunesFave Mon 26-Oct-20 04:33:57

1ForAll Did you use Buckram to stiffen them?

WouldBeGood Mon 26-Oct-20 04:41:12

Ooh, those are lovely!

I wear headbands quite often. Mine are from primark though!

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