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Best stretchy black skinny jeans?

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londongirl993 Sun 25-Oct-20 11:54:29

I am in desperate need of some new black skinny jeans, and I don't know where to buy them from!

I used to buy my jeans from M&S - they had a design which was super stretchy and super comfy but for some reason no longer sell them.

So looking for the next best thing. Black, skinny, and preferably high waisted- but the main thing is that the fabric is quite light and can stretch/is comfy! Any recommendations?

I am a size 14-16 on my bottom half.

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Lalalatte Sun 25-Oct-20 12:18:38

Mine are from fat face and are very good and lightweight and stretchy, but not high waisted.

Livefortherain Sun 25-Oct-20 12:25:53

F&F at Tesco. They have some high waisted jeans (i think they are £22) and they are so so slimming and make your bum look really good! Super comfy and stretchy. I'm a 10-12 and am wearing a 10.
I would go for a 14 in them if I was you.

DrDavidBanner Sun 25-Oct-20 12:28:49

I like Dorothy Perkins Eden jeans

ponygirlcurtis Sun 25-Oct-20 12:33:35

I recently got the high rise jeggings from Asda, found them very comfortable. I am at the top of a 14 and found the 14 tight but the 16 was good. About £12.50 a pair.

Lellochip Sun 25-Oct-20 12:36:44

Have you tried M&Ss high waisted jeggings? They're closer to denim than thin legging Lycra so don't feel cheap, but nice, stretchy & comfy.

Packlunchhell Sun 25-Oct-20 12:44:12

I love wearing black jeans and I think Next lift slim and shape are the best. They do not fade as quick as other brands. They cost £45.

minnie465 Sun 25-Oct-20 12:45:01

I love next 360
Super skinny ones. Only thing is their sizing is weird. I'm a 12 in the black jeans and an 8 In the blue denim 🤷‍♀️

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