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Estée Lauder Maxium Cover Foundation -which shade?

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PachinkoFreeFood Sat 24-Oct-20 12:47:47

Hello, does anyone use this? I would like to buy some as I've used it in the past to cover the odd spider vein on my cheeks but I've no idea which shade to choose, and I'm ordering online.

I currently wear 'Ecru' in their Double Wear Foundation.

Thanks so much.

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emsyj37 Sat 24-Oct-20 15:37:00 has never let me down.
Or you could get rid of the veins? Im planning electrolysis to treat mine. I mainly wear foundation to cover the veins on my cheeks so if I can get rid of them it will mean I can wear less or none.

PachinkoFreeFood Sun 25-Oct-20 07:23:05

I'd love to know more about the removal. I've heard of laser treatment but heard they can just come back. Will you let me know how you get on and the name of your procedure please as I'm super keen.
I did end up buying one in the end, went for Creamy Vanilla..

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emsyj37 Sun 25-Oct-20 11:33:55

Any veins you get treated won't come back, but if you're prone to thread veins (and I definitely am) then you can't stop new ones appearing.
The procedure I'm looking at is electrolysis. Need to book a consultation but I'm using tretinoin and suspect I will need to stop it for a while before the procedure and I'm nervous about that because I fear my acne will flare up!!! Argh. Will find out more about that.

PachinkoFreeFood Thu 26-Nov-20 09:58:20

Thank you @emsy I've only just seen your reply. Let me know how you get on if you can.

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