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Please talk to me about Botox/ fillers for forehead frown lines

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parrotonmyshoulder Sat 24-Oct-20 12:05:40

Considering it. Very deep 11s - age 45. Is it worth it? Thanks.

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IrishMumSW19 Sat 24-Oct-20 13:36:16


interest12 Sat 24-Oct-20 13:43:46

Yes. I've had it 4 times now for my deep "1".
It's now been over 8 months since my last session, due to covid, but the line is still much fainter than before I started. I'll likely go back to just 2x/ year to stop it getting too deep so I don't look permanently angry.
I had it in the forehead one time too but that seemed like too much

Zengarden001 Sat 24-Oct-20 14:22:37

Do people recommend Botox or fillers for this? I'm 38 and getting quite deep lines but I haven't done anything about it in fear of the 'frozen' look.

Drysnitchinsbitchin Sat 24-Oct-20 14:31:33

I once had filler for my 11 done at a beauty salon. Got a sausage line. Went back next week and she said 'that's normal, its tracking the vein!'
Next time went to a specialist who refused to put filler in the 11 because of this. Instead put botox above my brows but the muscles are so strong there it wore off in a month and was too costly to keep up.
I did face yoga for a while but now just try to moisturise, wear sunglasses and a hat in Summer to counteract it, but I have to come to terms with the fact I will always look cross.

DesdaMoaner Sat 24-Oct-20 14:54:39

@Zengarden001 You need advice on the day from the person doing it. I've had fillers over the years -very very light touch on cheekbones- and went along with an open mind expressing what I wanted to change.

You're paying for advice as well as treatment.

I went to one of the best- voted Filler Queen by Tatler and took her advice. Got great results and no one could tell except me.

Lndnmummy Sat 24-Oct-20 16:04:04

Yes it’s worth it. I have Botox for my 11 lines and forehead lines. It’s really helped me. I always say I don’t want to look younger just like a non angry version of myself. And that’s what I get. I look how I feel now if that makes sense. Before Botox I looked like someone who was always worried and angry. Now (because I don’t have Botox on my eye lines) I look like I’m smiling all the time. It’s completely changed the the character of my face. I look like I have got my shit together rather than frazzled. I have just got a new job and everyone says I look so composed and together even though it’s a really stressful job. I am really not, it’s the Botox!

PammieDooveOrangeJoof Sat 24-Oct-20 18:05:53

Yes brilliant. I was getting tension headaches from
Frowning all the time and fed up of being asked what I was worried or upset about when I was perfectly fine. Frowning made me feel angry!
I last had it done in March and getting it done next week. I started getting it done every 3 months but after the first year and a half I now need it less.
I’m also less wrinkly as the less my muscles perform the frown the less creases they leave naturally.
Go with someone recommended as I had an awful experience first off and got Spock and dropped brow. The doctor I go to now is amazing and I just look like a less tired less angry version of myself.
I assume people can’t tell as my mil who has the eyes of a hawk has never mentioned it!

parrotonmyshoulder Sat 24-Oct-20 18:08:10

Thanks. That’s what I need - to look less cross! I was once cross all the time. Now I’m not!
How do I go about finding someone though? I do know a few people who have had it, but they use the cheapest they can find and I don’t want to risk that.

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RAINSh0wers Sat 24-Oct-20 18:47:42

Following this with interest. I just have a ‘1’ and hate it! I’m only 35 and every time I catch sight of it I think I look miserable. I try and make a conscious effort to stop my face going into that position but I feel like I need some more help.

I’m not sure how to find someone good. If anyone has any recommendations for London/Essex, I’l love to hear them!

DesdaMoaner Sat 24-Oct-20 18:53:50

You need to go to a cosmetic dr, not a beautician or someone who has done a quick course.

You can obviously look online and check out their training.

The person I used was a highly qualified dr before turning to cosmetic treatments and the other person on her team was a dentist with training in facial structure and so on.

Botox for No 11s is pretty simple but anything else needs someone who really knows what they are doing.

MonkeeBidness Sat 24-Oct-20 18:55:12

I have it for forehead and 11s. I went in for forehead and ended up having both. I wasn’t expecting it to take 10 days to work and she did warn me that they might not go completely.

My forehead lines have totally gone (am 40) and my 11s are now just a faint 1. Lasts 4 months for me. My eyebrows still move up and down but my forehead doesn’t wrinkle.

My dr said it was best to have both done at the same time and I think she was right.

hollieberrie Sat 24-Oct-20 18:57:03

I really want this as my 11s definitely age me. But I'm scared of having a bad reaction to botox. I had a cosmetic surgical procedure done & I spent a long time beforehand researching it on Real Self and there are so many threads on there with people who've had botox and then been really unwell. It terrifies me.

Soozikinzii Sat 24-Oct-20 18:58:20

I have had hifu treatment on my forehead and marionette lines which I liked - can't seem to get it now after Covid - just throwing that in the mix !

hollieberrie Mon 26-Oct-20 14:07:56

@Soozikinzii Ooh that sounds interesting. On your 11 lines or horizontal forehead lines? Were you pleased with the results?

Soozikinzii Mon 26-Oct-20 14:52:09

Yes I was pleased I’m older than you though ! I’m 60 it might be worth a try ? Doesn’t affect the movement in your forehead I think a lot have it now .

Thingsarel00kingup Mon 26-Oct-20 16:25:02

It's amazing! I'm 48 and had it for the first time in early Sept. Full results take about 2 weeks to show and I was delighted with the results. I had the initial injections (11s and forehead) and returned at the 2 week point for her to check and see if a top-up was needed.

I look how I feel - happy, contented, well-rested etc whereas before I looked tired, cross and and a bit 'meh'. I was showing the signs of previous deep unhappiness (I felt).

It's really made me feel heaps better about myself. The team that do mine are all ex-nurses and well-trained.

Didyousaynutella Mon 26-Oct-20 16:33:34

I think you can get the 11s and not the horizontal lines done but not the other way round. If you just have horizontal it creates a dropped brow. I originally wanted just horizontals done as they were my problem area. So now I get the 11s and a tiny bit spread out to the horizontals. She charges for one area. The horizontals don’t last quite as long but like that its a bit more natural than full wack in both areas. And cheaper. Not sure if many people do this. Mine is pretty skilled. She is a nurse not a Dr.

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