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Trinny London

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LittleEsme Sat 24-Oct-20 10:30:06

Has anyone ever used these products? Quite interested in the miracle blurb(said to hide fine lines and pores). Any feedback?

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Methenyouplus4 Sat 24-Oct-20 14:01:28

The advert keeps popping up on my instagram feed and I'm also intrigued.

LittleEsme Sat 24-Oct-20 15:54:28

Am so tempted.
There's also a wireless hair curler which looks tempting (Silkwave) but I'd rather wait for feedback first.

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Lndnmummy Sat 24-Oct-20 15:58:58

Me too! The tinted serum looks lovely

Mojitomogul Sat 24-Oct-20 16:03:00

The trinny products are so lovely! My mum uses them and her skin looks amazing- she’s reordered about 3 times now, so for her they are definitely worth the money. I use the tinted lip balms and the colour stays for ages and feels nice.

MrsPerfect12 Sat 24-Oct-20 16:41:13

I bought the miracle blur but away for a couple of days so will let you know next week 🤞🏻

mumsiedarlingrevolta Sat 24-Oct-20 16:44:13

I love her stuff.
Slightly underwhelmed by the miracle blur TBH but love the BFF tinted moisturiser.
Have pretty much switched to using it exclusively.
I did the Match2Me on website and think it is good. A couple of years ago I went to the counter in a Fenwicks and that was great.
Huge make up dept there and most counters were empty but Trinny was swarming!

TapertandEdkins Sat 24-Oct-20 16:54:27

I love the BFF cream and have just started using the new destress cream. I have also used the BFF eye, also loved it but cannot afford to reorder right now. The lip2cheek seemed a bit drying on my lips at first but I am still using it.

LittleEsme Sat 24-Oct-20 16:57:03

Thanks everyone!
Does the miracle stuff come in more colours or is it just one shade?

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TeddyIsaHe Sat 24-Oct-20 16:59:11

The miracle blur is pants. Benefit Porefessional is much better.

mumsiedarlingrevolta Sat 24-Oct-20 17:51:16


Thanks everyone!
Does the miracle stuff come in more colours or is it just one shade?

One colour. think it goes on clear?
I find it a bit like filling lines with the stuff you grout around tiles with...

LittleEsme Sat 24-Oct-20 18:44:22

@TeddyIsaHe why do you think that?

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Atreus Sat 24-Oct-20 18:49:10

The BFF, de-stress serum, eye shadows (especially 'Hope') and lip to cheek are really really good. I'm really fickle with makeup but will stick with these. The miracle blur was really disappointing though, I couldn't see any difference and it went a bit grainy. Maybe my wrinkles are just too deep.

TeddyIsaHe Sat 24-Oct-20 19:18:08

It pills, doesn’t sit well under my makeup and if you don’t have perfectly bouncy, dewy skin it makes it look super dehydrated and flaky.

Porefessional lasts longer and is just such a better product.

CremantCharlie Sat 24-Oct-20 23:28:44

I have bought a fair bit of Trinny products, BFF, Miracle Blur and lots of lip products. Really wanted to like, but they proved not great for me. I have not kept any of it. I spent about 150 quid so £ down the drain.

Thismustbelove Sun 25-Oct-20 01:44:44

There have been a lot of threads about this on MN before. They always start off with good reviews but are never complimentary if the thread stays active for any length of time.

I'm not saying this one has been but I've often thought Trinny threads are planted on MN just to try to get some good reviews.

LunaNorth Sun 25-Oct-20 01:56:50

I love BFF cream, the tinted BFF eye serum and the Just A Touch foundation. I rebuy them over and over.

I’m 46 now and was finding my usual makeup routine very ageing. The above gives me a much lighter look, lets my natural skin shine through and doesn’t sit in my wrinkles.

I agree that the Miracle Blur is rubbish. They do a similar product called Face Finish which does a much better job.

I like the highlighter too.

I don’t like the Lip2Cheek at all. Very drying. I find the eyeshadows a bit meh, too. Nice colours in the pot but go to bugger all when you wear them.

TheNewLook Sun 25-Oct-20 02:32:03

Her Instagram is mesmerising. I could watch her all day.

BatshitCrazyWoman Sun 25-Oct-20 12:00:57

I used BFF and Just A Touch. Hated them. BFF did nothing and Just A Touch is greasy and horrible. They were a waste of money, for the price they should do testers (they may do now, they didn't when I ordered).

LittleEsme Sun 25-Oct-20 12:08:09

Just want to say that I did a search on my phone for Trinny and it didn't bring me anything. I wouldn't have started a new one and I don't have any motives apart from trying to decide whether to give it a go.

My beauty routine is just wash my face with a flannel and warm eater, followed by cold water. Always moisturise with whatever's in the cabinet and concealer only on age spots and hormone spots. I pencil in my thyroid thinned eyebrows and bung on some waterproof mascara. That's it. I just feel very bored with it (am 47) and I'd like to conceal my lines and age spots.

I've watched Bobby Brown vids on YouTube and I'd like to treat myself. I rely on this board for advice, that's all!

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OwlOne Sun 25-Oct-20 12:11:28

I use the boots number 7 airbrush away primer and it is great. Haven't tried trinny's products but they pop up in my fb feed to!

I put on the number 7 primer and then mix it with a tiny bit of makeup as well. I feel it has a good finish. im 50

I love bobby brown make up. That would be a treat for me too. But the products that work for you never end up being the ones in the nice packaging I find.

LunaNorth Sun 25-Oct-20 12:11:49

Take no notice, OP. There’s a lot of suspicion on the boards these days. I’ve been accused of working for M&S before now confused

TeddyIsaHe Sun 25-Oct-20 12:39:05

Haha I’ve been accused of being a shill for The Ordinary before because I liked one of their products.

LittleEsme Sun 25-Oct-20 14:53:25

I've been around in various guises for about 14 years I think - don't post much on this board but I always take an interest. I'm not big into my make-up or style but l always like to read about the stuff.

Anyhow, each cynic to their own I suppose.

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YellowBeryl1 Sun 25-Oct-20 16:11:15

I had a look at BFF and the new destress one, but didn't buy as they are £££ and I like the products I use atm.

Anyone who has destress, what does it do that's good/bad and when do you use it in your routine? I already use moisture, primer, foundation.

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