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H&M Vampires Wife Collab

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MabelStark Thu 22-Oct-20 09:22:56

Honestly, I've been on the app since bloody 7am waiting for the sales to go live. Had heart set on the lace midi dress. And in the blink of an eye it's sold out. I'm not a regular H&M shopper - will there be a restock soon? Or will I have to pay double on eBay to get one 🙈

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WineGetsMeThroughIt Thu 22-Oct-20 09:30:31

It's unlikely that they'll do a major restock. The only way items will come back is if they're returned.

I'm really quite pissed off actually. I didn't know what the time collection would go live. I was up until 2:30 anyways checking and then set my alarm for every 30 mins from 6am. I was on at 8am when the collection went live and had added a necklace and the long dress to my bag and went to check out and they'd already sold out in under a minute even though they were in my basket!

The thing I really wanted was the collar which wasn't available at all. It completely vanished from the website.

The good news is if you know someone in Germany or the Netherlands the full collection is still online there and you can have it sent to someone there. I've read comments on the H&M Instagram post about someone getting a German mailbox via or something like that, but I won't bother going that far lol

applepineapple Thu 22-Oct-20 09:35:39

I imagine trawling eBay/ resell sites will be the way you'll get anything. Luckily I was online at 8 and managed to get the bits I had my eye on but it did go pretty quicklygrin

MabelStark Thu 22-Oct-20 09:37:46

I couldn't find out when it went on sale! I kept checking (like you I was awake at midnight so I looked then🙈) I really wanted that lace midi dress, I can just see myself basting the turkey in it on Xmas day.
There are pieces on eBay already (with bids) - but not in my size. Oh well I've set up an alert for the piece coming back into stock but I won't hold my breath.

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MabelStark Thu 22-Oct-20 09:38:52

Ah well done @applepineapple. I should have asked on here what time it went on sake instead of the stupid internet. 😂😂😂

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OhRosalind Thu 22-Oct-20 10:32:25

The long dress, collar, gloves and a couple of necklaces are still available on the Italian site if that helps anyone.
The cape and mini dresses say “coming soon” rather than “sold out” like the jewellery so perhaps there will be another drop.

WineGetsMeThroughIt Thu 22-Oct-20 10:53:55

@MabelStark the lace mini dress came back in stock and the collar has too! I got both! At 10:45!!

MabelStark Thu 22-Oct-20 11:16:13

Ah that's so great. Pleased for you @WineGetsMeThroughIt ☺️☺️☺️

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applepineapple Thu 22-Oct-20 11:22:16

Lace midi dress still in stock but not all sizes

covetingthepreciousthings Thu 22-Oct-20 11:23:37

It was very frustrating, they didn't announce a time for release, so it was a guessing game, and then there was a glitch and the collars didn't go on till about 11am.

They are already on eBay, but the thing is people are actually bidding on them! Which just drives up demand for it. All for way above the RRP.

WeCameToDance Thu 22-Oct-20 12:03:30

I’m so bloody annoyed at myself. The only thing I wanted was that white t shirt. It was in stock in all sizes so thought I’d make a coffee before ordering and it’s gone. I didn’t think a mostly white t shirt would be that popular.

Welshponyslave Fri 23-Oct-20 13:47:11

I managed to get the t shirt and the collar at 10.45, just by complete fluke. I set my alarm at 5.30 and kept checking, I really wanted the jewellery as gifts for xmas but no luck

banivani Fri 23-Oct-20 14:25:13

I'm not going to offer to go shopping for all of Mumsnet, but I did pop into my local shop today (live in Sweden) and noticed that there was a fair bit of the VW stuff in. Not the long black dress I think, but plenty of t-shirts. I'd say this line is not going to sell here unless someone tries to make a fast buck on Ebay so it might find it's way out to the online shops.

headstrong27 Fri 23-Oct-20 16:46:32

I'm thinking of buying a necklace off Ebay but anointed that i'm paying double grrr!

MabelStark Fri 23-Oct-20 19:19:49

It was the long black dress I was after - there's a few on eBay now - one for £149.99! Our H&M closed down a few weeks ago although they didn't seem to stock much of the collaboration collections anyway.

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WineGetsMeThroughIt Sat 24-Oct-20 03:34:13

@banivani - wonder why that is? Why don't you think it would sell in Sweden? Really just curious

banivani Sat 24-Oct-20 09:32:55

@WineGetsMeThroughIt It’s not a house hold name brand so I don’t think people will get suckered in by that fact alone. It’s not an aesthetic that’s particularly popular/trendy here atm - so if people are being suckered in by the brand they’d be buying the white t-shirt which is innocuous but there was a whole rail of them still ;) The collection is very glitzy and party at a time of year when we are stomping around in rain and (sometimes frozen) mud. It might be more au courant for NYE. We’re in a pandemic and people aren’t going out or partying, so the collection doesn’t fit in with people’s lifestyles on that account either.

I didn’t see the long black dress which I did think was the only item (bar the t-shirt) that was versatile and could be used as an everyday statement piece so possibly that sold. It would fit my amateur analysis. grin

Welshponyslave Sat 31-Oct-20 14:02:59

My order has been cancelled shock has this happened to anybody else? I am gutted!

DimidDavilby Sat 31-Oct-20 14:06:33

Yes my collar was cancelled and I am so flippin sad about it!

Thankfully got my other pieces on a different order which has come through. Very cross about the collar though.

DimidDavilby Sat 31-Oct-20 14:09:22

Prices appear to have crashed on ebay I think but I can't see a collar on there at all.

MabelStark Sat 31-Oct-20 15:33:50

I've still got my eye on the long lace number. Does anyone have it? Would you say it's a small fit? I've seen a couple of comments online saying it's small. Just wondering which size would be best.

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applepineapple Sat 31-Oct-20 18:12:21

There are a few collars on Depop for those looking

MabelStark Tue 24-Nov-20 10:43:06

Quick update. I bought the 'Night Whisper' maxi dress from eBay for £60 plus P&P
It's stunning and I'm thrilled to bits with it. God knows when I'll actually get to wear it. 😁

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