New WFH capsule wardrobe (no need to consider video calls)

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ilheartjennimurray Wed 14-Oct-20 09:05:39

I've recently started a new job, it's 100% WFH, desk based, long hours, high stress/busy and no-one switches on their video for calls.
My previous work wardrobe was very corporate (smart suits etc) and I feel I need a completely new capsule work wardrobe. Comfort is really essential, but I'd like not to look like a total scruffbag if I pop out or open the front door to someone. I'm thinking smart or stylish joggers and some really cosy sweaters/tops, but other than Hush for slightly different joggers I can't find much. I just ordered the sweatybetty Gary joggers based on another thread on here but they haven't arrived yet.
I don't mind the budget - within reason - as I am going to be wearing the clothes day in day out for months, including weekends quite likely. Some cashmere sweaters would be lovely. Ideally comfortable, decent fabrics, machine washable, etc.
Plus I need to know what shoes/boots and jacket to throw on on top for when I do (rarely) get to step outside, as I am useless at putting whole outfits together and I end up with nothing that works.
Does anyone have good tips? Thanks in advance.

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Alternista Wed 14-Oct-20 09:09:54

White Company or Hush might have the sort of thing you’re after- choose maybe three co-ordinating colours and build round that?
Sounds lovely btw smile

Zinnia Wed 14-Oct-20 09:37:51

Try Baukjen - lovely loungewear, ethical company. They do really nice joggers, hoodies and palazzo pants which are great for being comfy and feeling smart(ish). Also a variety of jersey tops that are fab quality and again comfortable without being slobby.

I have this fab jersey jumpsuit from ASOS that's a go-to WFH piece, incredibly easy to wear. Not the thickest material but very well-priced! Think they do it in different colours as well.

As @Alternista says choose some core colours (a neutral and a couple of toning shades that suit you) as a basis if you want a capsule.

Shoes/boots: a pair of white trainers for milder weather (my choice would be Adidas Stan Smiths or Superstars, but everyone has their favourites) and for winter black boots - lace ups or chunky Chelsea boots are the current favourites. Classic DMs perhaps?

Coats: a quality parka with a detachable inner layer - there's a big parka thread on here at the moment with some excellent suggestions. If you can wear the inner layer by itself as a padded coat then that's a big bonus.

If you want a wool coat go for something oversized and easy to chuck on (if you like that style) in your chosen neutral or grey/camel. I like the look of the Hush crombie this season (I'm not a massive Hush fan on the whole but they do good coats and PJs!). John Lewis Kin range has some lovely coats at the moment (size down) otherwise Cos and & Other Stories are great for wool coats.

When the weather is better a biker jacket (grey or navy if you don't want black - look at Hush, Jigsaw or Whistles, All Saints has a lot of fans on here too) and in summer a denim jacket (goes with everything) or a chore jacket or an unstructured blazer if that's more your style.

jcurve Wed 14-Oct-20 09:51:26

I’m in the same boat. Thick jeggings and nice merino jumpers are my mainstay. Jeggings come from Uniqlo and my jumpers have come from John Lewis, Uniqlo and Jaeger.

I also have a couple of smart fleece sweaters, some long sleeve thin fleece tops (both Uniqlo) and a few pair of Lululemon leggings.

I’ve swerved the joggers as for me that’s veering into too casual but my husband has a pair of Icebreaker Crush merino joggers which look good & are comfortable.

I’ve got a pair of Shepherd tan slipper boots for home & have been wearing Veja trainers, leather Chelsea boots or duck boots outside depending on the weather. Plus a raincoat which came from Lululemon.

TheTurnOfTheScrew Wed 14-Oct-20 09:54:07

uniqlo merino jumpers are lovely - I wear them in the office as well but they are super comfy for WFH.

CircuitBreaker Wed 14-Oct-20 09:57:59

Another fan of Uniqlo jumpers - merino and cashmere. I always size up in their knitwear though, prefer the slightly slouchy look.

Also like Baukjen a lot, have a 15% off code if anyone wants it (here).

AnaViaSalamanca Wed 14-Oct-20 10:25:38

I wear cashmere jumpers (jigsaw, old boden) and a couple of brora cashmere shawls with a nice brooch on top. But jeans and ankle boots now since I felt too much of a slob wearing gym clothes for six months.


teta Wed 14-Oct-20 10:57:02

Cashmere jumpers from Scott&Scott via BrandAlley. Big wrap & cashmere wrist warmers from Turtle Doves. Joggers from H&M - the twill joggers are smart on & I love the cargo joggers. Hush joggers are awful & expensive. Plain scoop neck t shirts underneath from a Swedish make.

swishswooshswash Wed 14-Oct-20 10:57:27

Uniqlo for great jumpers - I prefer the mens as they are longer
Arket for amazing quality hoodies, have just bought a black oversized one and might never take it off. Good leggings too
Jumper dresses a good shout - cosy and comfy , H&M, Cos and Arket have some fab ones at the moment
Hush harems are great, they do good joggers too though you can get cheaper and still good at H&M

You should have loads of choice across those stores, this look is all over the place at the moment 👍

ilheartjennimurray Wed 14-Oct-20 12:21:00

This amazing - thanks everyone!
CircuitBreaker and Zinnia
I've ordered stuff from Baukjen before but always ended up sending it back as their fabrics seemed a bit shiny/synthetic or something just didn't suit me. I will look again - I loved the Isabella Oliver maternity stuff which I think is/was the same company.
Funnily enough I have a beautiful wool camel coat that I never wear - you're so right that it would be fabulous thrown on over casual gear, I must start wearing it.
I really must check out H&M - their joggers do look nice online, I'm just worried if I sit in them all day they will be all baggy knees..

& thanks many of you for minding me about Uniqlo merino - that's just the kind of thing I need as it's hard not to feel cold when sitting down and not moving

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ilheartjennimurray Wed 14-Oct-20 12:42:50

@teta can you recommend a swedish brand for scoop neck tops? I'm intrigued - scoop necks suit me best but it's surprisingly hard for me to find a great fit that isn't too clingy but also not shapeless/baggy

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teta Wed 14-Oct-20 13:22:57

@ilikeheart I got that wrong. I wear Vildnis t shirts, but they're slouchy v necks in lyocell. The best scoop neck ones in cotton I've found are J. Crew Vintage, but they're withdrawing from the UK apparently.

Jumbojem Wed 14-Oct-20 13:25:47

Get good socks! I like merino wool ones, usually from outdoor brands. I don't wear shoes indoors so my feet get cold working from home.

Jumbojem Wed 14-Oct-20 13:28:50

Also, I've had some great merino jumpers from banana republic in the past. Always on offer!
I'm going to buy some wide leg elastic waisted trousers so smarten up my own WFH wardrobe, I was looking at the Saint and Sofia ones in teal or burgundy.
I also favour a big cuddly cardi for WFH, easily taken on/off during calls when the sun comes out and makes the room warm. A jumper is less easy to manage if your wearing a headset.

ilheartjennimurray Wed 14-Oct-20 13:58:31

@Jumbo so true about socks! I have sheepskin slippers that I live in but i have nearly worn them through. I have a world of court shoes/heels that I will probably never wear again, and what I really need are slippers!

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ilheartjennimurray Wed 14-Oct-20 14:01:37

@swishs Great tip about buying men's - I always find my knitwear is not slouchy enough - probably because I shrink it as well

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Tropicalsunshine Wed 14-Oct-20 15:44:52

I've been working from home for years but I love clothes- my essentials are...
Celtic sheepskin bootie slippers- they have a proper sole so you can step outside.
Cashmere jumpers- dark colours or brights- loose fitting. I do wear joggers but with a cashmere jumper they still feel lux. I have other jumpers but they just don't get worn compared to the cashmere.
Cashmere fingerless gloves.

ilheartjennimurray Wed 14-Oct-20 15:53:48

@Tropical that pretty much sums up what my new wardrobe will likely be. I also like the idea of some cosy/colourful scarves, so joggers, cashmere/merino jumpers in a plain knit and a big scarf. I like the look of the hush animal scarf in cashmere but the reviews aren't great and knowing me i would snag it on day one.

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Judystilldreamsofhorses Wed 14-Oct-20 16:09:31

I am on video doing online lecturing, so need to be reasonable looking, but my tips are:

Uniqlo heat tech scoop neck long sleeved tops under jumpers
Alpaca cardis are my favourites - I have three in different colour ways from Arket and love them. I tend to wear these with crew neck t-shirts and can layer Uniqlo under if need be
Cords can be cosy and stylish. I have a few pairs from Cos from a few years back, and just got their this year’s version which has an elasticated bit at the back of the waist (bonus)
I put sheepskin insoles in all footwear. I am weird and can’t work in slippers, but these stop my feet getting cold. I also like knee high socks under trousers.

lonelySam Wed 14-Oct-20 16:12:37

Plain publique - they're based in the NL and have wonderful quality clothing (though, admittedly, I am sending some of it back).

XingMing Wed 14-Oct-20 20:37:47

I'm sure all of MN thinks I work for them, and I don't, but Corrymoor's mohair socks are the mutt's nuts, They are not cheap at about £13 a pair, but they wash and wear (better not in tumble dryer) for about 8 years a pair. Never shrink, stay comfortable, bliss in wellies, decent colours. Tiny farm, and an ethical sustainable business, The sort we should all support unless you prefer to give your money to bid branded companies.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Wed 14-Oct-20 22:04:41

xingming I am going to get some of these socks come payday.

BestIsWest Wed 14-Oct-20 22:10:30

Rather than a scarf can I suggest a cashmere snood? I have one from John Lewis from last year and it’s so warm and comfy.

Oly4 Wed 14-Oct-20 22:24:43

White Co is good for loungewear.
Boden is also good at the mo, their modal slim fit joggers are brilliant and smart enough to wear to the shops

FinallyHere Wed 14-Oct-20 22:28:41

Lovely fabric soft, but with texture

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