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If I like these perfumes, what else might I like?

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msgloria Wed 16-Sep-20 20:10:18

Wonder if anybody could give me some suggestions - any advice gratefully received!

I like:
Chloë (the original)
Jo Malone Peony & Suede Blush
Jo Malone Wood Sage & Seasalt
Gucci eau de parfum II (sadly discontinued)

I think I like clean, powdery, floral scents with a bit of bite - I don't like too much fruit, sweetness or anything that might seem a bit cloying to some.

I tried Gucci Memoire recently following a recommendation from here, and thought it was nice but maybe didn't quite have enough softness. Also tried Hugo Boss the scent for her, and found it a bit sweet and fruity.

What do you all think? I'd love to branch out into less well known perfumes if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks in advance!

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IHeartSusanDey Wed 16-Sep-20 20:17:19

I think you might well love Agent Provocateur Maitresse or Gucci Floral Gorgeous Gardenia. Both are really sumptuous, powdery yet sexy IMO.

msgloria Wed 16-Sep-20 20:19:47

Aaah interesting, thanks. I tried two of the Gucci blooms in the summer and didn't quite like them enough, but I'll look up the ones you suggest.

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Toilenstripes Wed 16-Sep-20 20:21:05

Penhaligons Halfeti is oud and black rose. A stunning scent.

GreyishDays Wed 16-Sep-20 20:21:08

Have you tried the website Fragrantica? It tells you what perfumes are similar.

LunaNorth Wed 16-Sep-20 20:22:12

Narciso Rodriguez Poudree?

msgloria Wed 16-Sep-20 20:25:10

Thanks, will look up all the recommendations!

I have tried Fragrantica but struggled to navigate it - I'll try again.

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IHeartSusanDey Wed 16-Sep-20 20:27:44

Mmnnn if you're not keen on the Gucci Blooms definitely try Maitresse, I think it's lovely. Would also concur with Narciso. What about the classic, Givenchy Organza? You can't go wrong with that one.

msgloria Wed 16-Sep-20 20:30:32

@IHeartSusanDey I think I quite liked one of the Gucci blooms, but the other one was tuberose[?] heavy, and i couldn't get on board with it. Thanks again for the suggestions - they are really helpful.

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IHeartSusanDey Wed 16-Sep-20 20:44:06

No bother at all. Tuberose is too heavy for me...I find it quite sickening. It weighs heavy on my head. I know you would like niche perfumes but they, IME, can be very hit and miss. They are so subjective! I tend to stick to the tried and tested.grin

XingMing Wed 16-Sep-20 21:53:50

Eau des Merveilles... and most of its flankers might please you. Salted ambers, not sweet, with herbs.

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