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LED mask or Nuface for lines and sagging?

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Kylee300 Wed 16-Sep-20 09:38:42

I cant decide between the two, or are they both a waste of money? I'm early 30's and want something to help with and prevent fine lines and prevent sagging. I'm already using vit c and retinol and cleansing twice per day.
Thanks in advance!

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Sandsungin Wed 16-Sep-20 11:32:05

I've had allot of luck with collagen I use a powder one i get online but you can make it yourself it's definitely made my skin look more plumper and radiant.
Loads of mixed reviews on here about it so see if it's suitable for you personally though I love it.
As for led masks I've no experience in them but again loads of info on Mumsnet if you do a search.

Kylee300 Wed 16-Sep-20 16:42:40

Thanks, hopefully someone will know if one if there devices is better than the other. Bumping for myself!

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Spodge Wed 16-Sep-20 18:52:24

I've been using a Nuface mini for two years now. It does not give any sort of instant lift, at least not for me, but it has made a definite difference over time. I am slightly less jowly and my eyelids are less hooded. No idea how it compares to the LED mask as I have not tried that.

Kylee300 Wed 16-Sep-20 19:57:57

Thank you @spodge how long did it take you to see results? Hopefully someone will be along regarding nuface vs LED mask

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DameCelia Wed 16-Sep-20 20:09:45

I think you are comparing two completely different things. The Nu Face passes an electrical current through the muscles of the face, 'exercising' them, as a side effect it increases blood flow.
I think the LED is supposed to increase collagen production.

IHeartSusanDey Wed 16-Sep-20 20:21:33

OP if you have money to spend I would go or the LED mask. I have the Nuface and possibly there is a SLIGHT effect but not worth the money I think. I've just bought the Project E mask and my skin looks noticeably different...on a recommendation here by the way.

But honestly you really don't need to splash out. if you're hoping to lift jowls I think good old fashioned face exercises are the way to go. I bought a cheap roller to lay my neck on and pull all kinds of faces and it actually works. Far, far better than the expensive gadgets I was sucked into buying.🥴

bumhead Wed 16-Sep-20 20:28:58

@IHeartSusanDey which exercises are you doing please and how long did it take before you saw results?

IHeartSusanDey Wed 16-Sep-20 20:38:15

Bum if you google Rachel Ray Show Turkey Neckblush which is what I did, you will see a clip on YouTube using a roller. It took about 3 weeks before I looked in the mirror and was slightly taken aback that my chin and neck looked different!! You really have to keep at it. I've just started Facial Yoga exercises as well. I don't think any gadget can really replace working out tbh, and the same is true for the face.

Kylee300 Thu 17-Sep-20 03:21:10

Thank you @IHeartSusanDey, I have just had a look at that video and will buy a cheap foam roller too! Its good to hear from someone who has tried the Nuface and the LED mask. It sounds like they offer different things, I'd love the Nuface for my hooded eyes and the LED mask for fine lines and evening out skin tone but dont have time/money at the moment. Do you think the Project E mask will stay on my face while I lie down and use while meditating?

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Ohee Thu 17-Sep-20 05:16:05

I totally agree with iheartsusan cos I’ve done all 3. Started with LED - omnilux - in a salon. It did give my skin a glow but did nothing for jowls. Had treatments for months so gave it a good go. Then discovered face exercises- Eva Fraser to start with. It was her free jowl exercise on her website. I honestly didn’t think it would work but I was desperate. After doing that several times a day for a month I had a eureka moment at the hairdressers. My jowls were much reduced and cheeks plumper. So bought the book etc. After couple of years I plateaued so I bought Nuface. Did them both religiously but didn’t see much change. So ramped up the exercises with another exercise routine - Ageless If You Dare by Louise Annette. And saw more improvements. Ten years later I’m pretty happy. If you google those exercises and daily mail there are free examples

lookatmememe Thu 17-Sep-20 05:28:11

If I could roll back time to my early 30's I'd slap on factor 30 everyday and go to the gym three times a weeknight workout.
As I only went to the gym to use their sun bed back then, I now have lovely ages spots everywhere. These are tricky to fix but Jaw, jowels and eye hood /bags are an easy fix with a good plastic surgeon so I'd worry about that less.

salsalnorts Thu 17-Sep-20 06:53:15

I've been using a Jade Roller.
I had also looked at the led masks but not sure as some are expensive but if they work then why not.

Delatron Thu 17-Sep-20 07:16:17

I’ve used them all!

LED mask gave a nice glow and I guess it’s supposed to stimulate collagen but it broke after a month which, after £300 was pretty annoying.

Nuface I see small results. You have to be very consistent in using it and if you stop for a week then face just goes back to where it was. There is a slight lifting I feel and it’s enough for me to carry on.

Currently trying Newa which is a radio frequency device. It’s a bit time intensive for the first month but gets good reviews. So we’ll see.

I do wonder why I’m spending all this money on gadgets when lots of you are getting results from face exercise so will aim to add those in too.

Spodge Thu 17-Sep-20 18:21:31

@Kylee300 I can't say, to be honest. The results are very slight as someone else has said, but even a millimetre makes a big difference in facial terms. I took some photos right at the beginning of using it and checked them today. I discover I have in fact been using it since October 2017 (I use it pretty much daily for a couple of minutes) and I look exactly the same. I will settle for that as a pretty good result after three years which includes lockdown.

Kylee300 Sat 19-Sep-20 05:54:43

@Spodge that's not bad if you didn't see any change in 3 years, it must be doing something even if the results are slight. I've done more reading on the LED mask and the Nuface and still cant decide, they bot sound quite good!

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looray Sat 19-Sep-20 11:22:28

My friend has a led mask but it wasn't very expensive it's this one

Not sure about results though or any difference

Craftycorvid Sat 19-Sep-20 15:31:49

I’ve been using a Nuface for some months now and think it gives subtle but noticeable results - especially combined with a serum mask (I use the Nuface over the mask). I always responded well to salon microcurrent treatments so maybe it’s quite individual? I do use mine often and think it’s one of those things you need to top up regularly.

MrsKingfisher Sun 20-Sep-20 10:30:40

I ditched my NuFACE I found it such a faff with having to put on the gel and using it daily. I use the current body led mask nightly after my cleanse before and skincare, my skin is more radiant and looks less tired. Instead of the NuFACE I use a gua sha tool which I do over my face oil each night. Easy and not so faffy.

CharlottesComplicatedWeb Mon 21-Sep-20 14:44:13

I have had two NuFace Minis. One, I used until it stopped working and then replaced it in January. A month ago, I bought myself a Rio 60 Second Face Lift gadget. £69.00 so, a fraction of the cost.

NuFace was fine for me. I was in the habit of using it. It now lives in my bottom drawer, in its little bag and has been set aside permanently in favour of the Rio. It. Is. Brilliant. You can feel and see the results. It has dragged my cheeks back up and my jawline is much much better. The Rio is for exercising the face muscles in a way that doing ordinary exercises would take forever to achieve a result. I’m soLd on it and really impressed. For me, the NuFace is a very poor second.

I also bought an LED mask for my son. He refuses to even try it so, it’s in my wardrobe and will probably remain there. I tried it once and ended up with deep creases in my forehead where it'd dug I to my head. Dreadful.

CharlottesComplicatedWeb Tue 22-Sep-20 11:01:13

@Kylee300... which will you go for?

tommyhoundmum Tue 22-Sep-20 18:02:31

Try smiling a lot. It's free and you'll meet new people.

Kylee300 Wed 23-Sep-20 06:41:42

Thank you @CharlottesComplicatedWeb I have had a look at the Rio and it looks really good! A few people on this thread have mentioned facial exercises so this looks like a good gadget as an alternative to facial exercises. Do you know if it can be used on eyelids? I have hooded eyes and have heard that the Nuface can help with this, not sure if the Rio would

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CharlottesComplicatedWeb Wed 23-Sep-20 07:59:49

@tommyhoundmum😂😂😂. I do smile lots but at 58 and two close bereavements I needed my sagging chops dragging up!

@Kylee300 I would say that my right eye has been helped by the Rio. I don’t do the left. My hereditary slightly right droopy eye looks more even. You use the Rio above the brow as it exercises/strengthens the muscle... to support the flesh 😉. All I can tell you is that NuFace made not much difference to me but then I’m not that wrinkly and sagging was beginning to be a problem. First photo taken beginning of August a combo of YouTube facial exercises usually in the car 😂 and NuFace. Photo with glasses, yesterday, walking dog. Jawline definitely improved 😊. I like it. Works for me.

Kylee300 Wed 23-Sep-20 08:20:40

Wow thank you @CharlottesComplicatedWeb I hope I look as good as you at 58! I can see a big difference between the two photos, and it didn't take long did it. Its like facial exercises but taken to the next level. I'm definitely going to buy the Rio

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