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Stylish but warm slippers?

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Squiffany Mon 14-Sep-20 20:13:43

Preferably not the backless style as I’d probably end up killing myself by falling down the stairs.

Any suggestions please?

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bumbleb33s Mon 14-Sep-20 23:00:11

The white company do lovely slippers, ballet style and bootie style, lovely and comfy

Squiffany Tue 15-Sep-20 09:47:54

Thank you. I’ll take a look.

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hemhem Tue 15-Sep-20 09:49:53

Ugg do a pair of sheepskin lined loafer style slippers. They are very soft suede on the outside and sheepskin inside. Expensive but I bought a pair for DH as an Xmas gift and they lasted about 5 years

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