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best budget Retinol

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lauz123 Mon 14-Sep-20 17:26:49

So my forehead and frown lines are awful , iv looked into retinol and tried getting the ordinary 1% but its sold out everywhere , would really appreciate some recommendations , thanks ladies smile

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MabelMoo23 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:06:05

Inkey List, definitely

Beemills Mon 14-Sep-20 21:07:57

Def second The Inkey List

lauz123 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:53:13

Wow that was lucky , I saw it earlier read reviews and ordered it for next day delivery, thankssmile))

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mrsmcwrinkly Mon 14-Sep-20 22:36:01

Is the one at the Inkey List the same as tretinoin or is it different?

MabelMoo23 Mon 14-Sep-20 22:42:21

@mrsmcwrinkly tretinoin is very different from the Inkey list. Tret is the bad boy prescription strength retinol that you can only get via a dermatology company like Dermatica.

Inkey List is a fairly gentle retinol that you can buy from Boots, Cult Beauty etc and is a great started to retinoids

Medik8 is the moderate one - and more expensive as a result, and then people work their way to tret.

I started on Inkey List, then went to Medik8 and now I’m on tret

mrsmcwrinkly Mon 14-Sep-20 22:44:49

Ah, thanks MabelMoo (love the name!). I'm actually already using tretinoin but it costs a fortune (About £80 a tube) and I'd love to find a cheaper alternative. I tried ordering from some online pharmacy that was recommended on here but it never arrived. Sigh.

MabelMoo23 Tue 15-Sep-20 13:42:46

@mrsmcwrinkly £80 a tube???? Blimey you defo don’t need to pay that.

Dermatica is £19.99 a month and there’s currently a code knocking about for first month free. Have a look at Facebook or Instagram for Dermatica. That’s where I got mine.

WineGetsMeThroughIt Tue 15-Sep-20 14:06:16

Ooh this is good to know about tretinoin. I've got quite deep creases on my forehead and have just ordered £50 of The Ordinary skincare including the .5% and 1% retinol as well as something called Buffet and a few others. I hear nothing but good things about the brand, but not sure my forehead creases are up to much hope without the help of injections - either Botox or fillers. I'll see how I get on with The Ordinary and then maybe look into tretinoin after.

zippityzip Tue 15-Sep-20 14:07:46

Can you use these when you're pregnant?

Inspirationpending Tue 15-Sep-20 14:09:52

I’m on the second month of Dermatica & really noticing the difference

StarUtopia Tue 15-Sep-20 14:12:15

Can someone post the link for the Dermatica one please?

MabelMoo23 Tue 15-Sep-20 14:19:44

@zippityzip no you shouldn’t use retinoids when pregnant as they are vitamin A.

Some people do use the milder ones like Inkey list, but you shouldn’t really.

Tret like Dermatica is a definite no no and also for tret you need a prescription from a company like Dermatica and they won’t do it if your pregnant.

And for anyone looking to use retinoids, you must a SPF Every. Single. Day.

Not in your foundation/ moisturiser but a proper stand alone one. Preferably factor 50 but a 30 minimum. This is because retinoids are anti aging because they increase cell turnover in the skin, and if you don’t protect your skin from the sun then you run the risk of getting sun damage on the new skin cells. Which would make using retinol absolutely pointless

MabelMoo23 Tue 15-Sep-20 14:20:54

Link for first month free

louisethedisease Tue 15-Sep-20 20:33:44

I've just finished the inkey list retinol and I've moved on to medik8 and I love it. Will work my way up to the 10 and then I'll try dermatica I think.

lauz123 Tue 15-Sep-20 21:59:42

Thankyou , any recommendation on best budget spf

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louisethedisease Wed 16-Sep-20 17:58:23

The garnier spf sensitive face fluid. £7 from boots, highly recommended.

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