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katey2020 Mon 14-Sep-20 06:49:48

Hi everyone. I'm dark brown wanting to back to blond last time I went there user bleach and my hair runnied I've heared you can use a strippers to lighten your hair will go a ginger colour then put a light brown on straight away then wait a month to put a blond hair dye on am I right thinking well that what college told me wen I rang them up last this is my hair in the picture

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dementedpixie Mon 14-Sep-20 08:11:54

No a blonde hair dye will not lighten brown hair even if its light brown. Basically you need bleach, maybe more than once to get all the red tones out. Could you get lots of highlights instead and then as you top up the highlights your hair will get blonder.

katey2020 Mon 14-Sep-20 09:17:35

Would a strippers do it get rid of my brown and turn ginger it also says on the back of the blond hair dryes it would take light brown

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dementedpixie Mon 14-Sep-20 09:36:14

Blonde hair dye will not lighten a brown box dye. By all means use a colour remover to get rid of the darker colour but you would then need bleach to get your hair light enough for a blonde colour. If you don't remove the red tones (what gives the ginger colour) then you will never get to blonde

katey2020 Mon 14-Sep-20 09:42:21

Hi Tha ks for your reply what do you mean red tones?

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katey2020 Mon 14-Sep-20 09:43:15

What do need to get rid of the red tones x

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dementedpixie Mon 14-Sep-20 12:47:48


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