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What to wear with these boots?

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Tweetypietwo Sun 13-Sep-20 06:13:14

What can I wear with sock boots like these? boots i am very slim if that helps. pictures would be great!

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goggyy Sun 13-Sep-20 06:19:38

cycling shorts/leggings or just something short is how the youth wear them. Can't stand the look myself personally.

goggyy Sun 13-Sep-20 06:20:48

just google kardashians/influencers sock boots or look on Pretty Little thing style websites.

NameChange84 Sun 13-Sep-20 06:33:06

I wear them with flowery type vintage looking tea dresses and sheer black or whale net tights. Or over sized jumper or sweatshirt dresses.

NameChange84 Sun 13-Sep-20 06:36:17

Here’s some ideas from my Pinterest board lol

NameChange84 Sun 13-Sep-20 06:38:30

And more...

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