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Waterproof parka or fisherman style coat?

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PolarBearStrength Thu 10-Sep-20 16:50:13

I’m looking for a coat for this winter. All I want is something knee length or there abouts (linger the better really), warm (fleece/borg lined or similar), properly waterproof (not showerproof!) and big enough that I can zip it over a sling/baby if it’s really wet or cold. Not fussed about an actual ‘baby wearing coat’ as I always found a large jacket a size or two too large perfectly adequate with my son. I would like a drawstring waist or belt to nip it in a bit sans baby.

I would prefer not to spend more than £50-60 but could stretch a bit if I really liked something and it would still look nice in a couple of years. I’ve just been looking at some on the Cotton Traders website but I’m a bit worried that I’m 28 not 68!! 😂

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