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Autumn/Winter outfits

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SapphireSeptember Thu 10-Sep-20 17:04:18

I don't wear jeans. grin So the clothes I wear the most in autumn/winter are a long faux leather skirt, plaid shirts, long sleeved t-shirts (these can go under the plaid shirts if it's really cold,) long velvet skirts, a velvet jacket, warm tights, and black wide legged trousers, long sleeved velvet dresses. (My big winter coat comes out when it's really cold.) Oh, and I have some big tartan scarves that are almost like blankets, which are lovely to snuggle in when it's really cold and I can use as an extra layer. smile

Miseryisabutterfly Thu 10-Sep-20 15:39:40

Leather (or faux leather) trousers, cosy knits, oversized wool coats, vented leggings, big boots...

Tweetypietwo Thu 10-Sep-20 15:12:25

Anyone? 🙄

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Tweetypietwo Thu 10-Sep-20 10:45:42

I'm really struggling to think of outfits i can wear when the weather changes. I would like some nice outfits (hopefully some without jeans?!) but will keep me warm? I am very slim and feel the cold easily so I think I will need to be layering a lot?

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