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Home facials, what products would I need?

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Plump82 Tue 08-Sep-20 10:16:17

Ive never had a facial and while I love the idea of them, I dont like the thought of having to get myself home with an oily, no make up on face! So ive decided to get some nice products and give myself a weekly/monthly facial.
I guess that's my 1st question, how often should I do one?
And what products should I get and what order would I use them in?
My skin is very much combination and also dehydrated. Plus I get breakouts along my jaw and forehead.
Ideally I'm after products that dont break the bank. Ive used a couple of The Ordinary products in the past and honestly didn't see any difference but maybe I was using them wrong?
Im quite excited at the thought of doing this as its a way I think I'll l be able to relax and just chill so thanks in advance for any advice you could give me!!

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Plump82 Thu 10-Sep-20 20:56:26

Anyone? blush

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doadeer Thu 10-Sep-20 22:26:50

I use a lot of products every day so it's like I have a facial every night!

It really depends on your budget.

I think you can't go wrong with espa or elemis products to get that spa feel.

- I'd get a nice balm cleanser to remove with warm flannel, do this twice. Espa, elemis, Emma hardie

- An acid exfoliate. Pixi tonic is good value. Apply with a cotton pad (tone and exfoliate)

- a serum - Medik8 have lovely ones or the ordinary is good value

- moisturise - espa overnight hydration is lovely and luxurious

- facial oil - zelens, Lapis, Sunday Riley

I don't tend to wear masks so I'm not an expert on these

It really depends how "full on" you want to go!

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