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Dior primer

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letsgo0920 Mon 07-Sep-20 20:44:10

Way back when in February, I bought some CD foundation. The lady working on the counter tried to persuade me into a primer too but I wasn't sure - having not used a primer before. She gave me a decent sample though smile and I actually really liked it.

The problem is that I can't work out precisely what product it is! Looks just like a foundation in a nude colour. It's definitely not a spray or clear product, which are the only ones I can find via google.

Any ideas oh wise ones?!

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emsyj37 Mon 07-Sep-20 21:47:21

Could it have been a CC cream? That would have a colour tint to it but could be used under a foundation like a primer.

littlecatfeet Tue 08-Sep-20 00:10:37

Was it the 'Backstage' primer?

violetbunny Tue 08-Sep-20 02:25:14

Is it the Dior Forever primer? Comes in a small pale squeeze bottle similar to a foundation. Really lovely primer too.

BusterGonad Tue 08-Sep-20 02:35:39

Take it to the counter, the person on there will know straight away.

letsgo0920 Tue 08-Sep-20 07:08:43

@violetbunny yes I think you may be right!

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letsgo0920 Tue 08-Sep-20 07:09:49

@BusterGonad this would be easier lol. I just wanted to get an idea of price before I went in grin

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Alarae Tue 08-Sep-20 07:17:30

You've made me curious as I use the Dior Forever & Ever wear primer and my online searches seem to show its discontinued! It's a beautiful primer as well so that makes me upset.

I paid around £28ish in duty free whenever I was at the airport, so I imagine full price is around £35.

Hope that helps as an estimate.

letsgo0920 Tue 08-Sep-20 07:28:26

@Alarae I know! I've just been googling and can't find it anywhere confused.

Has anyone any suggestions for another primer?

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letsgo0920 Tue 08-Sep-20 07:29:02

@littlecatfeet have you tried the backstage one?

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littlecatfeet Tue 08-Sep-20 08:09:41

No, I use a Clarins blur cream, but my sister uses CD.

littlecatfeet Tue 08-Sep-20 08:12:23

I love this, just wear it by itself most days (I don't really like make up). It's a soft pink in the bottle and it feels velvety on.

MadisonMontgomery Tue 08-Sep-20 11:11:57

The Dior backstage primer is rubbish btw if anyone is looking at getting it.

letsgo0920 Tue 08-Sep-20 11:21:03

@MadisonMontgomery noted!

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VanillaSpiceCandle Tue 08-Sep-20 13:29:24

No! I’m so upset the Dior Forever Primer has been discontinued. This happens to every product I love. I’m so annoyed I left it this long to repurchase but haven’t been wearing make up since lockdown.

letsgo0920 Tue 08-Sep-20 14:33:50

@VanillaSpiceCandle there are some on eBay but I'm never sure if they may be fakes confusedgrin

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VanillaSpiceCandle Tue 08-Sep-20 15:10:44

@letsgo0920 thanks I’ll have a look. Not sure about buying make up on eBay. Have risked nail varnish in the past and it seemed ok. Bit more risky when it’s on your face confused

violetbunny Tue 08-Sep-20 21:13:27

I hadn't realised it was discontinued, that's a shame.
The Hourglass Veil primer is excellent.

letsgo0920 Tue 08-Sep-20 21:53:36

Thank you @violetbunny I'll have a look at that one.

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Iamneverfull Tue 08-Sep-20 21:55:12

It's called Dreamskin!

Iamneverfull Tue 08-Sep-20 21:56:47

Dreamskin is sold as a moisturiser and primer in one. It's quite expensive.

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