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Twickerhun Mon 07-Sep-20 08:57:25

I need a new bag, for purse, keys, face mask, sunglasses etc I haven’t got a huge budget circa £50 I guess. Can anyone tell me what’s stylish? What Do you use or would you buy right now?

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Grumpyoldblonde Mon 07-Sep-20 09:59:52

Crossbody bag? You'll get something nice for £50. What colour are you thinking?

Twickerhun Mon 07-Sep-20 10:35:39

My go to winter coat is dark blue so something that works with that. Grey? Brown?

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Twickerhun Mon 07-Sep-20 10:35:49


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crochetmonkey74 Mon 07-Sep-20 11:20:11

I think backpacks are probably the most popular type of bag at the moment - as always, TKMaxx normally comes up trumps for bags- also, with a £50 budget Accessorize have some nice stuff if you search- same with Zara but you often need to go in to have a look- their online service is not so good! ASOS also tends to have a really good selection, and easy to search by colour and price.
What sort of shapes do you like?

Twickerhun Mon 07-Sep-20 12:35:31

Oh backpack Is a nice idea. I have a big nappy bag style backpack so probably something smaller and less mum with an ever ready packet of wet wipe look. I need to feel like an adult not a haulier of clean clothes and water bottles

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crochetmonkey74 Mon 07-Sep-20 13:08:07

As a result of previous advice on here I got the Fiorelli Anna

which I love- this might be a bit big for what you want- they do smaller backpacks too- my friend has this one

and it is nice

They have sales and also lots of discount codes, so you should be able to get them under budget

Twickerhun Mon 07-Sep-20 13:39:45

Thanks they look great

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