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Smart office wear with a twist/edge

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Thebearsbunny Fri 04-Sep-20 19:17:54

A couple of years ago I took a part time receptionist ‘semi retirement’ job after working in IT for many years where casual clothing was encouraged.
I bought the standard corporate wardrobe to wear, think smart trousers, jackets, pencil skirts etc.
I hate it. I feel no joy at all when I dress in the morning and hate the look when I catch site of myself in a mirror. How can I look smart but with a twist/edge?
Out of work I wear DM’s, jeans, jackets. Lots of white and black cotton shirts, cashmere in the winter. To be honest my casual wardrobe could do with a tweak too.
I’m mid fifties, quite short, petite build (and in the process of trying to lose a stone and a half). Due to my build I can’t wear boxy styles or anything too flowing. Hair is shoulder length, with a shortish fringe. I like smokey eye makeup and always wear red lipstick.
There are lots of young businesses within the building, on a hot summers day we have guys wandering in wearing shorts and flip flops Etc., so I doubt anyone would complain If a wore less corporate style clothing.
Any ideas please?

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fiorentina Fri 04-Sep-20 21:47:05

Have you looked at Cos? Some pieces Are v oversized and wouldn’t suit a petite sizing but their style sounds like perhaps what you’re trying to achieve.
If you like white cotton shirts could you wear those with culottes or similar. Pinterest may have some styling ideas for your existing wardrobe.

PersonaNonGarter Sat 05-Sep-20 08:07:49

Send anything crepe or silky to the charity shop. Change your key fabrics and you will feel liberated.

Get a cord or wool jacket. Get jeans-cut trousers in plain colours or look for coloured denim. Cotton tops and a (fashionable) cardigan.

Think about ditching pumps/heels.

What’s your budget?

cherrypiepie Sat 05-Sep-20 08:47:16

I dress semi formally for work (no jeans trainers men wear a tie etc) I wear a mix of:

Skirts and tops - usually a full skirt never a pencil skirt. Top can vary from a posh t shirt to a blouse. Usually a belt.

Dresses often loose some fitted.

Trousers - tapered/ jogger style with a tucked in top

Have a jersey blazer that makes it look smarter if needed.

Shoes are loafers or boots sometime sandals if hot hot.

I have about 10 work outfits and work four days per week. I found having a 'colour scheme' helped so lots of my work clothes are black and whites. Eg black skirts and trousers. I bought a pair of ginghams trousers in black and white and looking forward to wearing thosenwhen I go back to work! Have a look at Pinterest for ideas

PeaceLoveAndCandy Sat 05-Sep-20 09:02:45

I am similar in age and body shape/size. I buy from Cos, Whistles, Banana Republic, Uniqlo. I have a huge selection of black trousers because I still haven't found the right ones, but usually M&S because they do short cut, Boden as they do petite, and Phase Eight because they do good jeggings (Amina), which zip at the side and look lovely with a fine merino top from Uniqlo.
Someone here has just brought my attention to this beautiful jacket:

Thebearsbunny Sat 05-Sep-20 14:46:02

Thanks for the replies. I have tried Cos, but I looked a bit ‘drowned’ by their clothes if that makes sense. I do like the Whistles jacket Peace, and the price is about right for me too. I don’t wear pumps anyway as I find them uncomfortable, but find I am naturally moving away from heels, I’m trying to up my steps and find if I wear comfy shoes at work I’m more inclined to have a bit of a walk! I’ll take a look on Pinterest and see what that throws up. Thank you ladies, some good advise here.

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cherrypiepie Sat 05-Sep-20 20:25:12

I'm not sure I dress with a twist or edgy btw!. But defo avoiding the plain office suit will etc

today i got a pleated mini animal print midi-skirt and a black jumper from primark. Will wear with Loafers (with a chain if I can find some that fit - thanks broken toe!)

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